The Early Autumn Trip to the Highland Areas in Tohoku Region (3rd-Day)

July 28, 2019

 The 3rd-day driving journey starts at Yabitsu Onsen in Ichinoseki city, Iwate, moving down to Fukushima mountain area by Tohoku Highways.  The main target on the 3rd-day journey is Mt. Zao where the autumn sceneries can be viewed even in the earlier autumn season.



The first stop that I'd like to recommend you to stop on the way of Tohoku Highways is "Tsurusu Service Area" where it's about 1-hour drive from the Yabitsu Onsen in Iwate.  It's good to take a rest at the Tsurusu Service Area in Miyagi and you may also look at the local specialities or buy the local souvenirs.  You may also try out the local dish, "Katsu-Curry Rice Set", which is very delicious and tasty.



Moving forward to the south side of Fukushima by Tohoku Highways, it's recommended to come out at the exit of Murata Interchange and drive into the Iwanuma-Zao Road in the direction of Mt. Zao.



You would go into the main driving target, "Zao Eco-Line Mountain Highways" which could allow you to drive through the colourful images of Mt. Zao forests.  You would go up level by level and then reach to Mt. Zao Summit Rest House where you could also see the nice scenery of "Okama", a volcano's lake nearby.   It's highly recommended to you to have a lunch at the restaurant in Mt. Zao Summit Rest House.  The best recommended dish is called "Claypot Katsu-Don" which is the very tasty pork-cutlet.



In the afternoon, you could visit the several scenic spots such as "Nametsu Falls", "Choro Lake", "Yamabiko Suspention Bridge" located in Shichikashuku Town where a number of natural attraction could be enjoyed in the countryside.   These scenic spots are indeed the nice places that I personally love to visit again where I feel as if I could enjoy sitting there to enjoy such rural peaceful moments and viewing.  It's one of my high recommendation for your consideration in your future possible holiday trip to Japan.



At the same time on the way on your driving, you could also stop at the local stores and check if any local specialities are available.  



Eventually, you could drive to the centre of Fukushima city where you would stay at a hotel for a night and try to have a dinner at any local restaurants.   You may try to taste the local beef, port, chicken as well as the local vegetable rices.




< The 3rd-Day Driving Route for The Early Autumn Trip to Tohoku >




< The Tsurusu Service Area on Tohoku Highway >




< The Pork-Cuttlet-Curry-Rice Lunch Menu at Tsurusu Service Area >




< The Colourful Autumn Sceneries on the "Zao Eco-Line" Mountain Road >




< The Beautiful View Spot at Waterfall Lookout on Zao Eco-Line Mountain Road >




< The So-Called "Okama" Lake near Mt. Zao Summit >




< Mt. Zao Summit Rest House >




The Popular Lunch Menu, "Kama-Katsudon" Available at Mt. Zao Summit Rest House >




< The Great View over the Dynamic-Styled Nametsu Falls in the Autumn Season >




< The Peaceful Rural Site at Choro Lake in the Surrounding Colourful Natures >




< The Nature's Beauty from "Yamagiko Suspension Bridge >




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