The Early Autumn Trip to the Highland Areas in Tohoku Region (2nd-Day)

July 7, 2019

The 2nd day's journey for the recommended early-autumn trip to Tohoku region starts from Koriyama city, Fukushima prefecture.  The recommended journey is relatively earlier than normal, which is planned between the early to the middle of October.  



Therefore, the main target on the journey is focused on mountains or highlands in Tohoku region where I would like to recommend travellers to target Mt. Kurikoma located on the borders of Miyagi, Iwate and Akita prefectures.



It's advisable to drive Tohoku Highways from Koriyama Interchange to Furukawa Interchange and drive down the normal road, the National Road #47 to closer to Mt. Kurikoma.



Prior to the exit of Tohoku Highways, you may plan to stop at Sugo Parking Area for a short rest.  If you slightly feel hungry, you may try the local Japanese Soba (noddle) with the seasonal tempura set.  It's about 75-min drive from Koriyama city.



Otherwise, you may drive up to the Michi-no-Eki A-La Datena along with the National Road #108 and then try to have a proper lunch.   This service stop is highly recommended for travellers to have a buffet lunch.  At the same time, you may like to check the local specialties for your souvenirs or your own consumption where the variety of local foods and items are available on the display.



After you enjoy such a local lunch at Michi-no-Eki A-La Datena, you continue driving up to the high point called "Iwakagami-Daira" Observatory Terrace to have the great view over Mt. Kurikoma in the back of the colourful autumn image.



The next great view point is strongly recommended to you to move around to the northern side of Mt. Kuriyama where it's called "Sukawa Highland".  The Sukawa Highland has been also popular for such a local hot-spring bathing.  You may try out one of the very local and original-styled Japanese Onsen bathes there.



I would like to suggest that you try to walk along with the trekking routes available on the Sukawa Highland.  You may stop at the car park of Sukawa Onsen and start walking toward the so-called "Nanorigahara" and furthermore walking to the "Showa Lake".  It's all about 1.5-hour trekking time.



If you still have some time before the sunset in the evening, you may also get to the nearest beautiful "Sukawa Lake" surrounded by the very colourful autumn sceneries during the period of the beginning to the middle of October.



After you complete the 2nd-day travel plan, I would like to strongly suggest that you consider staying at a nice Japanese Onsen Ryokan, "Sanozan Zuisenki" nearby.  Definitely, you could enjoy staying at such a traditional Japanese ryokan and enjoy relaxing yourself at such a nice hot-spring bath. 

Of course, you could also satisfy yourself with a good quality of traditional Japanese ryokan meals in the dinner and breakfast time.





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