The Early-Autumn Trip to the Highland Areas in Tohoku Region (1st-Day)

June 22, 2019

Japan has four seasons, of which scenic spots could attract a lot of travellers all the time. 



It's the early summer in Japan right now and going to be the hottest season moving forward to July and Auguest throughout a year.  The travellers could be impressed by such green natures in summer, thereafter, the natures would going to be change their colours more attractively in the autumn season (September to November).



If you live to visit Japan in viewing the beautiful autumn sceneries, you may start planning right now for your visit between October and November, which is the best timing for the autumn scenery viewing in Japan.  Due to the differences in the latitude of the places in Japan, the autumn colour changes would normally begin from the north to the south.  In this sense, Hokkaido, the mostnorth area of Japan, would start its colour changes the earliest, then, Tohoku region and other places in Japan would follow later.



That's why the best-recommended timing is from the end of October to the beginning of November in the general cases.  If you can't make it due to various reasons, however, you may be able to enjoy your autumn-view trip to Japan.  You may refer to the below guideline for your consideration.



1.  From Mid/Sep to End/Sep:  The highland areas in Hokkaido

2.  From Early/Oct to End/Oct:  The flat areas in Hokkaido


3.  From Mid/Oct to End/Oct:  The highland areas in Tohoku or Chubu regions


4.  From End/Oct to Early/Oct:  The flat areas in Tohoku or Chubu regions


5.  From Early/Oct to Mid/Oct:  The highland areas in other regions


6. From Mid/Oct to End/Oct:  The flat areas in other regions 



For your information, my introduction in this blog for the early-autumn trip is made based on the specific scenario of the above case 3, which is meant for the early-autumn trip to Tohoku's highland areas in the middle of October.   



I hope the above information may help you for your future travel planning in case that you intend to visit Japan in the autumn season.  




< The First-Day Driving Route from Tokyo to the Ura-Bandai Area in Fukushima >




< The Recommended Lunch on "Japanese Gyoza" at Tonkikki Eating Place at Kamikawachi Service Area on Tohoku Highway >




< The Beautful Autumn Scenery on the Bandai Gold-Line Highway >




< The Colourful Autumn Scenery at Hibara Lake, Ura-Bandai Area >




< The Mysterious Image and Atmosphere at Akimoto Lake, Ura-Bandai Area >




< Another Great Mountain View from "Bandai-Azuma Skyline" at Ura-Bandai Area >




< The Early-Autumn Scenic View over the Top of Mt. Adatara in the Ura-Bandai Area >




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