The Recommended Round-Trip to Shikoku Island - Day 6

March 16, 2019

The Shikoku trip moving from Kagawa to Ehime prefecture on the 6th day of the journey.  The 6th-day trip goes at the beatiful coastal areas of the Seto Inner Sea where the major cities of Ehime such as Shikoku-Chuo, Niihama, Saijo and Imabari, are well covered.



My first recommendated scenic spot in Shikoku-Chuo is "Suiha Kogen" where yellow flower gardens can be seen on the highland in the spring season while the colourful cosmos flower garden attract travellers in the autumn seaon.



Once going into Niihama city, my 2nd recommendation is "Hirose Park" where the pinky sakura decoration can be enjoyed with the beautiful landscape during the springtime.  



When you visit Niihama city in autumn, you could be attracted by the colourful autumn scenery in the nartural forests at "Takinomiya Park" decorated with different colour coordination.



Moving foward into Saijo city, my 3rd recommendation is to go closer to the top of Mt. Ishizuchi (1,981m) which is represented as the highest mountain in Shikoku region.  Mt. Ishizuchi is selected as one of the best 100 mountains in Japan.



When you have a chance to visit Saijo in October, you could be impressed with the dynamics of the histroic Sajo Festival with the number of "Danjiri" (Japanese festival carts) and Mikoshi (Japanese small-sized symbolic shrine", especially moving into the river. 



The recommended last stop of the 6th-day journey is "Imabari city" where you could enjoy viewing the great image of Imabari Castle as well as the beautiful scenery of the "Shimanami-Kaido" (straits) in connection between Imabarai in Shikoku Island and Onomichi in Hiroshima.




< The Recommended Driving Route - Day 6 >




< The Yellow Flower Highland at the Suiha-Kogen in Shikoku-Chuo city, Ehime >




< The Springtime Cherry Blossoms Viewing at Hirose Park in Niihama city, Ehime >




< The Autumn-Coloured Scenery at Takinomiya Park in Niihama City, Ehime >




< The Variety of Fresh Seafood to be Served at the Japanese Restaurant of "Hana-Urara in Niihama >




< Mt. Ishizuchi - The Represented Symbol for Saijo City in Ehime >




< The Once-a-Year Local Excitment in the Saijo Festival in Saijo City, Ehime >




< The Great Image of the Imabara Castle in Imabara City, Ehime >




< The Amazing Sunset View over "Shimanami-Kaido" in Imabara city, Ehime >




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