The Recommended Round-Trip to Shikoku Island - Day 5

February 24, 2019

The 5th-day journey starts at Tadotsu town in Kagawa moving forward to Kotohira town where the famous "Kotohiragu" located at Mt. Zozu is regarded as the highest-ranked headquater of all the Kotohira Shrines in Japan.



Kotohiragu was originally meant for the respected god to pray for the safety of marine journey related to whoever, e.g, fishermen where visitors are required to take up the total 785 steps upto the main building and the total 1,386 steps upto the inner building.



After you visit Kotohiragu, I would like to highly recommend you to taste the local famous Udon at Tentekomai Japanese Udon restaurant where they serve you such very simple Udon, but you could indeed enjoy the original quality of the pure Udon.



If you are interested in the local Japanese Sake brewing in Kagawa, why not visit the traditional Sake brewery, "Kinryo-no-Sato" located in Kotohira town.  You would have a chance to observe the Sake brewing process at the workshop which can attract you with the traditional style.



Thereafter you fill in your stomach with the tasty Japanese udon, I like to suggest that you go up to the hilltop of Mt. Shiude in Mitoyoshi city where you could be impressed with the great view of the beautiful cherry blossoms over the mountain.



You may then moving down to the coastal area near Kannonji city and visit the unique scenic spot, "Takaya Shrine Chugu" located on the hilltop where you could have the great sea view over the gateway of the shrine.  Especially in the evening, the view scenery becomes so amazing with the sunset light.



The final spot of the Day-5 journey ends the beautiful sand beach, "Ariake Hama" where you can enjoy the onshore breeze and atmosphere in the summer season.  Definitely, you could taste the variety of fresh and tasty seafood available at the beach as well.  You should try it out!




< The Recommended Driving Route - Day 5 >




< The Great Spring View at the Kotohira Park Observatory Hilltop > 




< The Kotohiragu Main Building in Kotohira Town, Kagawa >




< The 150-year Historic Hand-Made Japanese Udon Restaurant, "Tentekomai" in Kotohira Town, Kagawa >




< The Very Simple and Original Sanuki Udon Served at the Tentekomai Udon Restaurant >




< The Traditional Kinryo-no-Sato, "Local Japanese Sake Brewery" in Kotohira Town >




< The Internal Workshop Operation for the Japanese Sake Brewing at Kinryo-no-Sato >




< The Superv View over the Seto Inner Sea in the Beautiful Decoration of the Full Cherry Blossoms at Mt. Shiude in Mitoyoshi City >




< The Amazing Evening View from the Observatory Terrace of Takaya Shrine in Kannonji City >




< The Sand Beach, "Ariakehama" in Kannonji City Popular for Families During Summer Holiday Season >




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