The Recommended Round-Trip to Shikoku Island - Day 4

January 27, 2019

Moving forward the Day-4 journey starting from Takamatsu city to the west,  there is the number of beautiful ly scenic spots along with the northside of the caostline in Kagawa prefecture, which I would like to introduce to you today.



Driving out of the centre of Takamatsu city, the first recommended spot is "Goshokudai" Observatory Terrace where you can have a nice view over the Seto Inner Sea.  You could take nice driving roads on the coastline reaching the Goshokudai at the tip of the northside Kagawa.  



Thereafter, you can target visiting the foot of the famous Seto Great Bridge which is connected between Kurashiki city (in Okayama) and Sakaide city (in Kagawa).   There are three major great bridges built between the Mainland Japan and the Shikoku Island, i.e., one is "Akashi-Straits-Great Bridge", "Shimanami Great Bridge" and this "Seto Great Bridge".



Just moving out of the coastline and driving to the inner side of Marugame city, Kagawa, the next visiting spot is recommended to stop for a nice view over Mt. Sanuki-Fuji (Mt. Ino in other words) where you may enjoy seeing the nice flower garden.



You should not miss the Marugame Castle showing the great shape of the Japanese Samurai traditions which has been well kept in period by period.  You can go up the hilltop of the castle for the town view as well as enjoy walking around the castle for the Samurai atmospheres.



Marugame is also famous for the paper-made-fan (called "Uchiwa in Japanese) which takes up about 90% of the entire consumption in Japan.  My recommendation is to visit the "Uchiwa Minato Museum" and see the variety of the exhibitions and cultures.



You may also consider visiting the Japanese garden, "Nakadu-Banshoen" where you can enjoy viewing the natural and traditional styles of Japanese Garden which was built by the Marugame Samurai's Master during the Edo period.



As a final spot of the 4th-day journey, I would like to introduce to you the "Toryo Park" nicely decorated with the beautiful cherry blossoms in the spring season.  If you have a time, you may be able to stay and walk around the park to enjoy the spring atomspheres and feelings.




< The Recommended Driving Route - Day 4 >




< The Sea-view over the Seto Inner Sea from "Goshoku Observatory Terrace in Sakaide City >




< The Great Image of the Overall "Seto Bridge" Over the Seto Inner Sea >




< The Nice View over Mt. Sanuki-Fuji in Marugame City"




< The Entire Site of the Marugame Castle located on the Hilltop in Marugame City >




< The Japanese Traditional Paper-Made-Fan ("Uchiwa" in Japanese) Museum in Marugame City >




< The "Nakatsu-Banshoen", a Japanese Traditional Garden in Marugame City >




< The "Toryo Park" Nicely Decorated with the Amzasing scenery of Cherry-Blossoms in Tadotsu Town >






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