The Recommended Round-Trip to Shikoku Island - Day 3

January 13, 2019

After kicking off the round-trip to Shikoku Island, my today's introduction is the Day-3 journey from Sanuki city to Takamatsu city in Kagawa. Takamatasu is the main prefectural city of Kagawa prefecture where the total 420,000 residents live in the total 370km2.



Along with the coastline from Sanuki cty, my first recommended scenic spot is "Yashima" where I would like to suggest you to drive through the so-called "Yashima Skyway" where you can enjoy the great sea view from the hilltop as well as you can also make the pleasant driving journey.   "Yashima" is considered as a symbol of the key tourist spot of Takamatsu.  



Thereafter, you may visit the "Takamatsu Castle Site" located near the Yashima where it is regarded as one of the best 3 Water-Protected Japanese Castles in Japan.   At the same time, you can also walk around Tamamo Park next to the Takamatsu Castle Site regardless of seasons.



I can't miss our my introduction on the "Ritsurin Park" showing the scenic attractions as one of the great Japanese gardens in Shikoku region.  You can be so impressed by the beautiful cherry blossoms in the spring whereas the colourful scenery in the autumn season.  The RItsurin Park is also selected as the National Special Scenic Spot. 



There is the rural-style "Shikoku village" which consists of the number of the old and traditional-style farm houses built during the Samurai Edo period to the Meiji period.  You should be able to enjoy the countryside atomospheres where you may move into the old times by the time machine.



After your journey in Takamatsu city, my recommendation for your stay at night is the "Shionoe Onsen Spot" where you can be relaxed in the natural hot-spring baths with the excellent dines under the simple and rural-style Onsen place.   You are advised to try to walk along with the river in the early morning or in the the evening.



If you are interested in having the fresh seafood at the coastline area, I would like to suggest that you visit the "Kitahama alley" either for your lunch or dinner.  You could try to taste the great seafood either in the Japanese or the western cooking style.




< The Day-3 Recommended Driving Route for Shikoku Round-Trip >




< The Beautiful Sea View Over the Seto Inner Sea from Yashima's Driving Coast Road >




< The "Water-Protected" Takamatsu Castle and Tamamo Park >




< The Scenic Ritsurin Park with the Pinky Cherry-Blossoms >




< The Rural-Style "Shikoku Village" under the Quiet and Peaceful Environment > 




< The Beatiful Spring Scenery at the Kinbuchi Forest Park >




< The Original Hot-Spring Spot at Shionoe Onsen Site in the Countryside >




< The Fresh Seafood Spot at Kitahama-alley Recommended for the Lunch and Dinner >



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