The Recommended Round-Trip to Shikoku Island - Day 2

January 6, 2019

As the second-day for the round-trip to Shiloku Island, I would like to recommend travellers to take the driving route from Higashigawa city to Sanuki city in Kagawa prefecture where the journey continues to move forward along with the coastline of the Inner Seto Sea.



One of the attractive points in taking the trip to the coastline is that you can enjoy the beautiful seaview with the number of large and small islands including the Shodo Island.  It could be a big surprise for you to view many small islands located in the Inner Seto Sea, which would be definitely one of the scenic moments during your driving journey.



I would like to recommend you to spend the most of time in Sanuki city just next to the main prefectural city, "Takamatsu".   As you may know, the name of Sanuni is to represent the most famous Japanese nuddle (Udon in the Japanese language) within Japan.  



Since there are many beautiful seaview spots in Sanuki city, my first recommended spot is "Okushi Park" where you can have the great seaview over the Inner Seto Sea.   Thereafter, you may go to "Kozu Sand Beach" where local people can often come to enjoy the relaxed time at the summer beach.



There are several scenic spots available in four seasons that I would like to introduce to you;


1)  In the spring, you may enjoy viewing the pinky cherry blossoms decorated around the Kikaku Park where the surrounding natures can attract you with a nice-feeling spring atmosphere.


2)  In the summer, the various types of the pretty Iris flowers give you the fresh summer image where you can walk aroudn the Kikaku Park.


3)  In the autumn, you may enjoy another beautiful Cosmos flower garden at the Kikaku Park.



Other than the Kikaku Park, my another recommendation for the flower lovers is the "Miroku Natural Park" where you can view the Spider Lily flowers in the autumn season.



Overall, you could be eventually attracted by the variety of the attractions of the Sanuki city including the beautiful seaview, clean sand beaches, many pretty flower gardens and local foods.




< The 2nd-Day Driving Route for Shikoku Round-Trip >




< The Great Seaview over the Inner Seto Sea from Okushi Park, Sanuki City >




< The Clean Sand "Okizu Beach" in Sanuki City in the Summer Season >




< The Beautiful Cherry Blossoms at the Kikaku Park, Sanuki City in the Spring Season >




< The Beautiful Cherry Blossoms at the Kikaku Park, Sanuki City in the Spring Season >




< The Colourful Iris Flowers at the Kikaku Park, Sanuki City in the Summer Season >




< The Colourful Spider Lily Flowers at the Miroku Natural Park, Sanuki City in the Autumn Season >




< The Pretty Cosmos Flower Gardens at Kikaku Park, Sanuki City in the Autumn >



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