The Recommended Round-Trip to Shikoku Island - Kick-Off

December 30, 2018

In the next few months I will focus on my introduction on the "Hidden-Beauty" small towns & villages in Shikoku Island where four prefectures are loated in the island sized with of the land space of 18,800 km2.  The names of the four specific prefectures in Shikoku Island are 1) Kagawa, 2) Ehime, 3) Kochi and 4) Tokushima.



In order to kick off the best logisitc movement inside the Shikoku Island, I would like to suggest that you fly into the "Tokushima domestic Airport" located in the north-east area of Tokushima prefecture.  Upon an arrival, my recommendation is to pick up a rent-a-car at Tokushima Airport and start your long journey taking throughout the Shikoku Island.



The first visiting are that I would like to recommend is the "Higashi-Kagawa City" situated in the north-east side of Kagawa prefecture facing the beautiful Seto Inner Sea.   The Higashi-Kagawa city is sized with approximately 30,000 populations and is located just between Tokushima city and Takamatsu city.



The Higashi-Kagawa City is mainly known as both fishery and agriculture industries where there are the abundant natures available in the sea as well as the land.   It's suggested that you try to taste such fresh seafoods available in the Seto Inner Sea.  Of course, you should not miss out the famous "Sanuki Udon" which is the best known within Japan.  Other than such local food specialities, I would like to recommend you to check and purchase the local gifts and find out the local spot of the Japanese Doll festival of the "Hina-Ningyo" in the spring season.



< The Kick-Off Driving Route for Shikoku Round-Trip >




< Higashi-Kagawa Coastline Viewed from the Osaka Pass Observatory Terrace >




< The Shiba-Zakura-Fuji (Pink-Moss Field) near the Centre of Higashi-Kagawa City >




< The Oike Pond Camping Site in Higashi-Kagawa City >




< The National Cultural Treasured "Kamebishi-Ya" Building Site at Higashi-Kagawa City >




< The Japanese Doll Festival Held at Hikita Area, Higashi-Kagawa City >




< The Traditional & Artistic Sugar Gift by the Hane-Sanuki Honpo Shop in Higashi-Kagawa City >



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