The Recommended Free-&-Easy Trip from Tokyo to Tohoku in the Autumn Season - 10th-Day Journey

September 9, 2018

This is the last-day of the total TEN (10) day trip to Tohoku region recommended during the autumn season.  The 10th-day journey begins at Hitachi City, Ibaraki and the final place is back to Tokyo.  



My 1st recommended spot on the 10th-day journey is to stop at the "Michi-no-Eki Hitachi Fish Market Centre" in the morning to look at the variety of local fishes and seashells available from local fish ports in Ibaraki.



Thereafter, I suggest that you drive to Kairakuen, one of the best 3 Japanese gardens in Japan, which is located in Mito city.  You may enjoy the overview of the nice Japanese garden landscape and scenery as well as you can enter the old-style Japanese residential building at the park.  You should be able to appreciate the varous types of historic pictures and items presented inside the building.



On the way back to Tokyo city, I would like to highly recommend you not to miss the delicious local food, "Gyoza" that Utsunomichi is one of the most popular places for Gyoza in Japan.  My best recommenddation is "Minmin Store" which is available at many different locations in Tochigi prefecture, but it's quite convenient for you to stop the Minmin store in Mooka city, Tochigi on the way.



To move forward, my next recommendation is to visit the "Tochigi Kura-no-Machi" where you can view and feel the traditional scenes of the old Japanese warehouse town along with the small river where it used to be one of the important spot on the river transportation during the Samurai-Edo period.  You may take a boat ride to move around and see the surrounding town scenery.



The last recommended stop just before reaching Tokyo city is "Hanyu Car Parking Area" on the Tohoku Expressway where you can enjoy viewing the old Japanese-style shop houses built up at the service/parking area.  You could also taste different dishes available at several restaurants over there, e.g., "Unagi-don", "Ebi-Tendon", "Udon" and others.  The shop arrangement is well presented to the travellers and it's indeed the nice resting place that you shouldn't miss out just before going back to Tokyo.



With my today's update, my recommendation on the total 10-day autumn trip to Tohoku region will be ended and completed.  I hope it can somehow help you to make your plan better and enjoyable.  



Please feel free to let me know separately by emial if you have any special requests or questions.  My email address is  



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< The Traditional Warehouse Town Scene, at Tochigi-Kurano-Machi in Tochigi City >



< The Hanyu Parking Area on the Tohoku Express Way on the Way to Tokyo >



< The 1st Recoomended Dish, "Unaju" at Chuhachi Restaurant, Hanyu Parking Area >



< The 2nd Recommended Dish, "Ebi-Tendon" at Edo-Meshi Manshichi at Hanyu Parking Area >



< The 3rd Recommended Dish, "Ippon-Udon" at Gotetsu, Hanyu Parking Area >



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