The Recommended Free-&-Easy Trip from Tokyo to Tohoku in the Autumn Season - 8th-Day Journey

August 26, 2018

While the last 3 days remain in this autumn trip from Tokyo to Tohoku, the 8th-day journey begins at the centre of Yamagata city.   The first stop that I like to suggest is the "Yamagata Athletic Park" where you could be well impressed by the amazingly-decorated Gingko-Tree Aveneue.  In my personal view, the travellers shouldn't miss out this spot while travelling to Tohoku region in the autumn.  This autumn-scenic spot is similarly as beautiful as other spot at Azuma Athletic Park in Fukushima prefecture.



On the way from Yamagata city to Aizu district in Fukushima, the driving is kept moving down to the south direction.  It's the en route to the "Michi-no-Eki Yonezawa" where I would like to introduce to you to stop, rest, shop and eat.  This spot was just recently opened this year.  The specific local specialities are the famous "Yonezawa Beef" and other related foods that you shouldn't miss out.



The 8th-day driving trip is kept moving toward the Bandai mountian area which is one of my highly-recommended scenic spots in the autumn Tohoku region.  In order for you to enjoy your autumn trip around the Bandai mountain area, I like to introduce you to drive through the beautiful mountain highway, "Nishi-Azuma Skyvalley", where you can really appreciate the paranoma-view through the highlands.



You would reach "Kita-Shiobara Village", one of the most beautiful villages in Japan, where you can view the scenic lakes such as Hibara Lake, Akimoto Lake, Onogawa Lake and Goshikinuma.   Especially in Goshikinuma, you could go for trekking in the great natures regardless of seasons. 



If you stop at the "Michi-no-Eki Inawashiro", you can manage to take the great picture of Mt. Bandai.  At the same time, you could rest and shop the local specialities there.  You may also enjoy finding the local traditional handcrafts of the Aizu district.   



You would finally reach "Ashinomaki Onsen Town", the last stop of the 8th-day journey, along with the deep valley of the River Aga.   The overall time duration of 8th-day journey is estimated about 6.5 - 7.0 hours including several stops on the way.




< The 8th-Day Driving Route for the Autumn Trip to Tohoku Region >




< The Autumn Gingko Tree Avenue at Yamagata Athletic Stadium >




< The Michi-no-Eki Yonezawa Newly Opened in April 2018 >



< The Beautiful Mountain Highway, "Nishi-Azuma Skyvalley" near the Bandai Mountain Ranges >



< The Autumn-Leave Scene at Hibara Lake, Kita-Shiobara Village, Fukushima >



< The Colourful Forests at Goshiki Pond, Kita-Shiobara Village, Fukushima >



< The Autumn Mountain View over Mt. Bandai from the Michi-no-Eki Inawashiro >



< The Colourful Deep-Valley at Ashinomaki Onsen Town, Fukushima >




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