The Recommended Free-&-Easy Trip from Tokyo to Tohoku in the Autumn Season - 5th-Day Journey

August 5, 2018

The 5-day drive journey kicks off at the west-side of the Lake Towada going to the Observatory Hilltop of Hakka-Toge (Pass) which is leveled at 631m located on the border of Aomori and Akita prefectures where you can have the panorama-view over the Lake Towada.   The autumn season is decorated with the colourful background over the beautiful Lake Towada.  



The main agenda of the 5-day journey is to visit the beautifully-scenic "Oirase Gorge" where the River Oirase is flowing from the Lake Towada toward the Pacific Ocean.   There is a number of travellers visiting the Oirase Gorge for the trekking where the local buse service is provided along with the gorge as well as a certain car parking areas also arranged for the drivers on Towada Road.



My recommended scenic spots at the Oirase Gorge which shouldn't be missed are from Yakiyama Area to Nenokuchi which is distanced with about 14km where it's highly reommended for the trekking in the great natures, i.e., Yakiyama - Shimeikei - Sanran-no-Nagare - Ishigedo-no-Se - Ashura-no-Nagare - Kumoi-no-Taki - Choshi-Otaki.



After finishing the trekking at Oirase Gorge, you are suggested to drive to the coastal part of Yashinohe city, Aomori.  Thereafter, the driving continues along with the coastline of the Pacific Ocean goind down toward Kuji city, Iwate.  It's advisable to visit and see the natural art of the dynamic rocks at Kosode-Kaigan.  



The final destination of the 5-day driving journey is "Miyako city" in Iwate prefecture where another great natural scene of "Jogahama" must be viewed on the way to the local ryokan in Miyako for your stay.



The overall journey from the Lake Towada, Aomori to Miyako city, Iwate is estimated about 6 - 7 hours including the stopover and walking time.




< The 5th-Day Drive Journey for the Autumn Trip to Tohoku Region >




< The Autumn Towada Lake from Hakka-Toge (Pass) Observatory Hilltop >



< The "Sanran-no-Nagare at Oirase Gorge near Lake Towada >



< The "Ashura-no-Nagare at Oirase Gorge near Lake Towada >



< The "Kumoi-no-Taki at Oirase Gorge near Lake Towada >



< The "Choshi-Otaki at Oirase Gorge near Lake Towada >



< The "Tsurigane-Do at Kosode-Kaigan in Kuji, Iwate >



< The "Jodogahama" on the Coastal Area of Miyako, Iwate >




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