The Recommended Free-&-Easy Trip from Tokyo to Tohoku in the Autumn Season - 3rd-Day Journey

July 22, 2018

The 3rd-day journey starts at Sakata city in Yamagata along with the coastline of the Sea of Japan moving up to the northern side of Tohoku.  



Before facing the coastline, the first target place is Mt. Chokai (2,236m) located closer to the coastline where we can drive via the so-called "Chokaisan Blue-Line Mountain Highway" up to the Mt. Chokai Hokodate Observatory Hill.   Once you reach the Observatory Hill, you would start going down to the direction of Kisakata town at the seaside.  On the way to Kisakata, you should find the nice waterfalls called "Mototakijo Wakimizu" which is not far from the Blue-Line Mountain Highway.   You could be impressed by the dynamics of the waterfalls in the great nauture.



Once finishing the dirving journey by Mt. Chokai Blue-Line Mountain Highway at Kisakata town, you would aim to hit the final destination of Fukaura town in Aomori just following the Japan Sea's coastline by passing Akita city and moving into Aomori side.



On the way to Fukaura town, Aomori, my recommendation is to stop at Happo town to view the unique-look and dynamic coast which is a part of the UNESCO Wold Heritage Site of Shirakami Mountain Range.  Especially the sunset scene is the best-recommended to you.



When you reach Fukaura town in Aomori, you should quickly try to go around the "12 lakes" which are actuall the number of small ponds spread over the natural forest areas.  The colourful world at the ponds looks so attractive to the travellers in the autumn season.  You could enjoy the great natures with the beautiful autumn atmospheres there.



The overall 3rd-day journey from Sakata city in Yamagata to Fukaura town in Aomori is estimated about 6.5 hours.




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