The Recommended Free-&-Easy Trip from Tokyo to Tohoku in the Autumn Season - 1st-Day Journey

July 8, 2018

To look forward the beautiful autumn season coming soon this year, I would make my recommendation for the free-&-easy trip to Tohoku region in the northern part of Japan.



The first day is to kick off the driving journey from the centre of Tokyo and take the Kanetsu Highway taking up the north direction.  The distation of the 1st-day journey is a small Mishima town located along with the River Tadami passing through the mountain side in Fukushima prefecture.  



The highway driving continues from Tokyo up to Koide Interchange, and it is recommended to get into the National Road #252 along with the River Tadami.  You would pass by the beautiful Lake Tagokura and continue driving at the northern side of the Lake along with the River Tadami.



The Lake Tagokura was made up by stopping the river stream of Tadami at Tagokura Dam which look very colourful in the autumn season.  You can also enjoy the scenic spot there together with the local train of the Tadami Railway running on a few different bridges over the River Tadami.



Both Kanayama and Mishima towns are small in the land space and population where the impressive overivew of the residential towns located just near the River Tamami can be captured from the hilltops.



I would like to highly reocmmend the travllers to stay at the rural-style Japanese ryokans at either Kaneyama or Mishima towns to experience the very simple and peaceful lifestyle at the countryside along with the River Tadami.



< The 1-Day Recommended Journey >




< Kamisato Service Station on Kanetsu Highway >



< The Recommended Local Specialty at Kamisato Service Station >



< Shiozawa-Ishiuchi Service Station on Kanetsu Highway >



< The Recommended Local Specialty at Shiozawa-Ishiuchi Service Station >



< Lake Tagokura in the Autumn Season >



< The Tagokura Reservior >



< Daishi Village, Kaneyama Town Along with the River Tadami >



< JR Tadami Railway Bridge over the Tadami River >



< Michi-no-Eki Kaido - Mishimajuku >





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