The "Free-&-Easy" Trip to Hokkaido - The Driving Round-Trip along with Coastal Towns & Villages (Day 15)

March 24, 2018

I have been putting my 2-year-ago trip on Hokkaido Coastal Towns & Villages into my personal blog site for the past few months.  It have already counted the Day-15, which gets closer to the final destination, "Tomakomai city" located just in the sourthen side of the New Chitose International Airport where I actually started off my Hokkaido-Coastal journey.  The Day-16 is the last driving journey to Tomakomai city by my next blog update.



Today, I am updating my Day-15 journey begining at Hokuto city just near the popular sightseeing place, Hakodate city.   The Day-15 driving is to cover Hokuto city - Hakodate city - Shikabe town - Mori town - Yagumo town - Oshamanbe town, which is about 200km distance along with the coastline. 



Hakodate city is considered as the 3rd largest cities within Hokkaido just after Sapporo and Asashikara cities.  Hakodate is well known for the variety of the fresh seafood as well as the beautiful night viewing from Mt. Hakodate Observatory.



Shikabe town is known for the number of natural hot spring spots such as Kashibe Onsen.  There is the great natural power point, which is called "Shikabe Kanketsusen Park" (the hot-spring fountain blown up from the ground) showing the dynamic movement of the great natures.



Mori town is a small town with 16,000 residents where the great Mt. Komagatake (1,131m high) can be seen regardless of seasons.  The coastal areas are beautiful, especially the great viewing at the sunrise time.



Yagumo town has the large-sized land space of about 1,000km2 which can cover the both eastern and western sides of the Peninusular Oshima, which is only the local administrative office in Hokkaido facing both the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan.\



The final place of the Day-15 journey is Oshamanbe town, a small with only 5,000 popolations, but Oshamanbe town used to be the important logistic point in Hokkaido in the past in connection between Muroran and Hakodate cities.   I can't forget to introduce their famous local food, "Kanimeshi" (Crab-Meat Rice) in the lunch box which has been sold at JR Oshamanbe station.



It's getting closer to my last journey on the Hokkaido Coastal Small Towns & Vilalges by my next blog update.  




< The Day-15 Driving Route >




< Hakodate City:  The Night Viewing from Mt. Hakodate Observatory >



< Hakodate City:  The Great View on the "Goryokaku" Castle Created by Tokugawa Edo Government > 



< ShIkabe Town:  The Great Natural Phenomenon at Shikabekanketsusen Park >



< Mori Town:  The Beautiful Scenery over Mt. Komagatake in the Back of Cherry-Blossoms in the Sprngtime >



< Mori Town:  The Local Speciality, "Ikameshi" (Squid Rice), Well-Known for a Local Train Station Lunch Set > 



< Yagumo Town:  The Large-Sized Town Facing both sides of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan only in Hokkaido Region >



< Oshamanbe Town:  The Local Speciality, "Kanimeshi" (Crab-Meat Rice) Famous for the lunch box of JR Oshamanbe Station >





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