The "Free-&-Easy" Trip to Hokkaido - The Driving Round-Trip along with Coastal Towns & Villages (Day 14)

March 18, 2018

The Day-14 Journey is to cover several small coastal towns at the bottom part of the Peninusular Oshima in the southern Hokkaido. 



The total distance of the Day-14 journey is just 150km, but it is better to take a journey slowerly in a free-&-easy style so that the beautiful sea view spots along with the coastal areas can't be missed out by rushing the driving trip.



The Day-14 Journey starts at Esashi Town, moves to Kaminokuni Town, Matsumae Town, Fukushima Town, Chinai Town, Kikonai Town and finally reaches Hokuto city just before the famous Hakodate city.  



The Day-14 trip continues to use the so-called "Oiwake-Soran Road" (#228 National Road) along with the coastlines of the Sea of Japan.   These sea towns are the best spots for the sunset viewing in the evening, and it's one of the most luxury scenic moments while driving.



I would like to highlight one of the best towns, "Matsumae Town" which has the number of historic values from the Edo Period until the opening of the modernisation of Japan in the earlier Meiji Period.  During the Edo Period, it was said that people from the mainland Japan had started to immigrate to Hokkaido from those coastal towns of the Peninusular Oshima.  You can see and understand the traditions and cultures from those towns while visiting there.



I strongly like to recommend you not to miss these places if you decide to visit Hokkaido.




< The Day-14 Driving Route >





< Kaminokuni Town - The Panorama-View from Mt. Iou Observatory >




< Matsumae Town - The Great Figure of Matsumae Castle in the Spring Season >




< Matsumae Town - The Cape Shirakami in the Scenic Sunset >




< Fukushima Town - The Best-Known Dried Squid as a Local Specialty >




< Chinai Town - The Oldest and Most Historic Hot Spring Bath Spot in Hokkaido >




< Kikonai Town - The Kamiyubetsu Tulip Garden > 




< Hokuto City - The Largest-Sized Shidare-Zakura at The Hokiji Temple within Hokkaido >






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