The "Free-&-Easy" Trip to Hokkaido - The Driving Round-Trip along with Coastal Towns & Villages (Day 13)

March 10, 2018

In the early morning the Day-13 trip begins from Shimamaki Village in the south-west side of  Hokkaido where it is also considered as a part of the Peninsular Oshima.  The large-population city or town doesn't exist in this coastal area and the majority is such a small town or village with fishery industry mainly.



The Day-13 journey encounters the very windy weather conditions along with the coastline.  There is the number of dynamic nature's beauty which has been created by the severe natural power in Hokkaido for the long years.



The first stop is a small town, "Yanase Town", where its total population is just over 8,000 and its town image is really a kind of rural and fishing-port town.



The 2nd stop is another small town, "Otobe Town" where the western part of the town face the Sea of Japan whereas its eastern part is surrounded by several mountains located in the centre of the Peninsular Oshima.  The coastline of Otobe town rather shows more dynamic with tall rocked cliffs and unusal-shaped coastal rocks.  There is also a nice sand beach, "Motowadai swimming beach" which is selected as one of the best beaches in Hokkaido.



The last stop of the Day-13 journey is "Esashi Town", one of the long-historic places in Hokkaido with rich Hokkaido (Ezo in other word) cultures and traditions.   The "Ubagami Great Shrine" is said to be the oldest Japanese shrine within Hokkaido which was built in 1216.  The number of traditional shops and residential houses can be yet seen in the town.  It's recommended to stop at the Kamome Island just connected with the main land of Esashi town where the unique "Itsukushima Shrine" stands with the gateway as well as a very uusual-shaped rock in the sea.



The Day-13 trip is very enjoyable by driving through the beautiful coastline with very nice feeling and touch by the great natures at the countryside.




< The Day-13 Driving Route >





< Setana Town - The Panorama-View over the Coastal Area >




< Otobe Town - The Great Nature's Beauty at Cape Tate >




 < Otobe Town - The Unique-Shaped Three Sugi Rocks at the Coastline >




< Otobe Town - "Motowadai Beach", one of the Best-Scenic Swimming Beach in Hokkaido >




< Esashi Town - "Ubagami Great Shrine" , the Longest-Historic Japanese Shrine in Hokkaido >




< Esashi Town - "Inishie" Nostalgic-Old Town Street >




< Esashi Town - "Ikutsushima Shrine" at Kamome Island >



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