The "Free-&-Easy" Trip to Hokkaido - The Driving Round-Trip along with Coastal Towns & Villages (Day 12)

February 18, 2018

The Day-12 Journey moves to the west side of the Peninsular Shakotan in Hokkaido, by driving down from the north point to the south direction, along with the coastline over the Sea of Japan.



Starting at Shakotan Town, the next stop is Kamoenai Village, then Tomari Village, Iwanai Town, Suttsu Town to reach Shimamaki Village.   The most of these stop points are small towns or villages at rural area with small populations.



The majority of the income for those towns or villages are fishing industry where the number of small fishing ports are seen at individual towns or villages.   The beautiful scenes at the coast areas can attract the travelers with the great natures, the blue sea, the blue sky and the great mountain figures.



My recommendation to the foregin travelers is to drive slowly along with the coast line and enjoy such beautiful sceneries in the great natures, as well as enjoy local fresh seafood available at fishing ports in individual towns or villages where you can only experinece locally there.



< The Day-12 Journey Route >



< Kamienai Village - Beautiful Sunset from Coastal Area >



< Tomari Village - Traditional "Nishin" (Fish) Work House >



< Iwanai Town - The Great Scenery from Iwanai Fishing Port >



< Suttsu Town - Suttsu Kaigan (The Sea of Japan) >



< Shimamaki Village - The Great View on Mt. Kariba from the Coastal Area >




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