The "Free-&-Easy" Trip to Hokkaido - The Driving Round-Trip along with Coastal Towns & Villages (Day 11)

February 11, 2018

The Day-11 Journey starts at Mashike Town and drive toward the west-central part of Hakkaido along with the coastline over the Sea of Japan.  After leaving Mashike Town, it just passes by the westside of Mt. Shokanbetsu and reaches Ishikari city just nearby Sapporo city.



Ishikari city is formed vertically long along with the coastline where no railway exists in the city and public buses are only the transportation means to connect with Sappro city.   Ishikari city is a part of "Shokanbetsu-Uriyagishiri Semi-National Park" where it has nice wetlands such as Makuribetsu Wetland and Amamiya Wetland.  



Further Moving into Otaru city where a lot of tourists aim to visit and view beautiful scenery on Otaru Canal area.  Especially at night, the Otaru Canal area looks amazingly attractive under mysterious atmosphere of the night illumination.  



The next location is Yoichi town where the Nikka Hokkaido Yoichi Whisky Brewery plant has been popular in the recent years to represent the increased reputation on the high-quality Japanese local whisky.



Furubera Town is famous for the processed product of the Cod-Roe, "Tarako" in the Japanese word, which the number of travelers like to buy and bring back home.



The final point of the Day-11 journey is stopped at Shakotan Town located in the nothern part of the Peninsular Shakotan.  There is the number of very scenic spots along with coastline in Shakotan town where such dynamic rocks and cliffs standing at the coast areas can be seen.  Both the Cape Kamui and Shimamui Kaigan are well known to represent the great nature's beauty of the Peninsular Shakotan.




< The Round-Trip  - Day 11 Route >




< Ishikari City  -  Makuribetsu Wet Land >




< Otaru City  -  Otaru Canal under the Night Illumination >




< Nikka Hokkaido Yoichi Whiky Brewery Plant >




< Furubera Town  -  The Cod-Roe Seafood (Tarako in Japanese) >




< Shakotan Town  -  The Sunset at Kamui Cape in Shakotan Town >



< Shikotan Town  -  Shimamui Coast >



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