The "Free-&-Easy" Trip to Hokkaido - The Driving Round-Trip along with Coastal Towns & Villages (Day 10)

February 4, 2018

The Day-10 drive starts from Wakkanai which is the most north point in Hokkaido, moving down in the sourth direction along with the beautiful coastlines of the Sea of Japan.



The Day-10 drive covers several small towns and villages in the western side of North Hokkaido, i.e., Wakkanai, Teshio, Enbetsu, Shosanbetsu, Haboro, Obira, Rumoi and Mashike.  



This coastal area is well known as one of the best view spot on the sunset scenery regardless of seasons.  Some of the remote islands such as the Island Rebun, the Island Rishiri, the Island Teuri and the Island Yagishiri can be seen from the coastlines during the Day-10 driving journey.  



The local specialities available at these small towns & villages can attract travelers with fresh seafood like "Shijimi (Small shelfishes, Amaebi Prawns, Scallops and others).  You should stop at each place and try out all these seafood which can't be found at other places than Hokkaido.



<  The Day-10 Driving Journey >





< The Straight-Line Coast Road at Teshio Town > 




< The Beautiful Sunset over Konpira Shrine Gateway at Shosanbetsu Village >




< The Fresh & Tasty "Ama-Ebi" Prawn at Haboro Town >




< The Power Generation Facility at Tomamae Town >




< The Number of Nostalgic Traditional Buildings at Old Mashike Town >





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