The "Free-&-Easy" Trip to Hokkaido - The Driving Round-Trip along with Coastal Towns & Villages (Day 9)

January 28, 2018

The Day-9 trip continues to drive from Oumu Town until Wakkanai city where the most north point of not only Hokkaido but the entire Japan is positioned.  It approximately takes 3.5 hours in 190km distance.



The main objective of the Day-9 trip is to drive up to the Wakkanai city and then reach the Cape Soya as a momentus for this round-trip along with coastal towns & villages.



The most of small towns and villages passed by during the Day-9 journey can attract travelers with abundant fresh seafoods available along with the Sea of Okhotsk.  



This Day-9 Journey can make travelers enjoyable by the beautiful sceneries of nice beaches and lakes where the wonderful sunrise sceneries can be enjoyed.








< The Beautiful Sunrise at Oumu Town >




< The Hairy Crabs at Esashi Town - The Highest Captive Volumes in Japan > 




< Lake Kusshari - the Number of White Cranes Flying from Russia During the Cold Winter Seasons >




 < Sarufutsu Village - the Peaceful Scenery at Countryside Farming Areas >




< Sarufutsu Village - One of the Most Famous Fresh Scalops in Japan >




< Wakkanai City - the Cape Soya is the Most North Point of both Hokkaido and Japan >







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