The "Free-&-Easy" Trip to Hokkaido - The Driving Round-Trip along with Coastal Towns & Villages (Day 6)

October 14, 2017

The Day-6 journey starts from Kiyosato Town in moving toward the east side of the Peninsular Shiretoko by #244 National Road.   In the year of 2005 the Shiretoko was designated as the first Natural and Coastal World Heritage Site in Japan.  It is also a part of the Shiretoko National Park which is one of only six national parks available in Hokkaido.



The Peninsular Shiretoko is split into 2 areas geographically, where its eastern part is under Rausu Town whereas its western part is under Shari Town.  The Peninsular Shiretoko is fully surrounded by the number of the mountains as high as 1,500m such as:-


- Mt. Rausu (1,661m) 

- Mt. Onnebetsu (1,330m)

- Mt. Sashirui (1,564m)

- Mt. Kaibetsu (1,419m)

- Mt. Shienbetsu (1,533m)


The great nature's world is consolidated with the various highlands, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, gorges and other natural spots seen in the Shiretoko National Park.  



When hitting the coastal area facing the Straits of Nemuro in the eastern side of Hokkaido, the driving direction is changed to the north along with the coastline in moving into the Rausu Town by #335 National Road.



The Rausu Town is located in the middle of the Peninsular Shiretoko on the eastern coastline between the Shiretoko Cape and the bottom of the Peninsular.   Once the driving hits the Rausu Town, the driving is switched into #87 Hokkaido Prefectural Road in moving until the end, where it is called "Aidomari" as the last point for driving.  There is no more proper road available thereafter into the direction up to the tip of Shiretoko Cape. The walking route only remains as the possible way to reach the Shiretoko Cape, however, the walking route is so severe and tough with naturally dangerous conditions. 



The best way to view the Peninsular Shiretoko is by Sea Cruise which is available from the Rausu Port.  The Cruise's view gives travelers another angle from seaside to appreciate the great nature's beauty of the Shiretoko National Park.  



Indeed, the Shiretoko National Park is a big treasury of the great nature's world in Hokkaido!




< The Day-6 Journey to the eastern part of the Peninsular Shiretoko >






< The Great Sea View from the top of "Bokyo Observatory" >



< The Great View over the Shiretoko Mountain Ranges from the Minehama Parking Area >



< The Nice View on Mt. Rausu along with the River Rausu in the Spring Season >



< The Summer View on the Lake Rausu >



< The Cape Shiretoko on the Way in Passing from the East Side to the West Side of the Peninsular Shiretoko >



< The Natural Scenic Spot at the Kumaetsu Fall >



< The Nature's Cruise Available at the Rausu Port >



< The Open-Air Natural Hot-Spring Bath at Kumano-Yu Onsen >



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