The "Free-&-Easy" Trip to Hokkaido - The Driving Round-Trip along with Coastal Towns & Villages (Day 5)

September 30, 2017

The Day-5 journey starts from Bekkai Town in the south-east side of Hokkaido and then moves up to the northern side of the East-Hokkaido, where it is getting closer to the Sea of Okhotsk.



The first stop on the Day-5 journey is "Nakashibetsu Town", where the population of the town has been increased gradually for the past 40 years in spite of the rural area in the eastern part of Hokkaido.  The main industries in the "Nakashibetsu Town" is agriculture and dairy-farming by taking advantages of the natural environment surrounded by the mountain ranges.



The 2nd stop is "Teshikaga Town", which is well known by two beautiful lakes, i.e., the Lake Mashu and the Lake Kussharo.  It is said that the Lake Mashu has high cleanliness in its water quality, whereas the Lake Kussharo is regarded as one of the largest-sized "Caldera-Lakes" within Japan.



The 3rd stop is "Koshimizu Town", which is next to the Abashiri city, where it faces directly the Sea of Okhotsk.   The Koshimizu Town shares the Lake Tofutsu with the Abashiri city.   The Lake Tofutsu is well known for the resting spot for the white cranes flying from Russia during the cold winter season.  The winter scenery with the number of white cranes at the Lake Tofutsu is harmonised beautifully by white snow decoration as well as the Sea of Okhotsk.



The 4th stop is "Kiyosato Town", which is registered as one of the most beautiful towns / villages in Japan, where there remains a lot of great natures in the town.  One of them is the so-called "God's Son Pond" which shows indeed the emerald-green water colour in the nature.  Another scenic natural spot is the Sakura Fall, which can show different images in the deep forest and gorges in different seasons.



The last (5th) stop is "Shibetsu Town", which is the great fishing port town', where it is best known for one of the highest captured ports for salmon fishes within Hokkaido.   Other than salmon fishes, the variety of fresh seafoods are also available at the number of fishing ports.



< The DAY-5 Journey Route >





< The Panorama View from the Top of Kaiyodai Observatory in Nakashibetsu Town >



< The Long Straight-Line Road, "MILK ROAD" in Nakashibetsu Town >



< The High-Quality-Water Lake Mashu in Teshikaga Town >



< The Amazing Image on Sunset at the Lake Kussharo in Teshikaga Town >



< The Number of White Cranes Resting at the Lake Tofutsu in Koshimizu Town >



< The Spiritual "God's Son Pond" in Kiyosato Town >



< The Summer Cooling-Imaged Sakura Fall in Kiyosato Town >



< The Good Fishing Ports in Shibetsu Town > 





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