The "Free-&-Easy" Trip to Hokkaido - The Driving-Round-Trip along with Coastal Towns & Villages (Day 4)

September 23, 2017

The Day-4 journey starts from the Akkeshi town to travel toward the south-east side of Hokkaido, where the Cape Nosappu is the verge of the the most eastern point in Hokkaido.   



The Day-4 trip covers the following city and towns, which is estimated for total 200km distance.


1.  The Akkeshi Town

2.  The Hamanaka Town

3.  The Nemuro City

4.  The Cape Nosappu

5.  The Betsukai Town



Once the driving starts at Akkeshi town by No.44 National Road, along with JR Nemuro Line, the first small town to reach is the Hamanaka Town.   It is very nice driving way through the broad "Kiritappu Wetland".   The Hamanaka Town is just facing the Pacific Ocean, where the number of nice scenic capes can be seen in the coastal areas.



After the Hamanaka town, the driving continues to target the Nemuro city, where it is located at the bottom of the Peninsular Nemuro. The Peninsular Nemuro is sized approximately in 30km long and in 8km wide.  The the edge of the Peninsular Nemuro is the Cape Nosappu, which is regarded as the most east point of Hokkaido, where the sunrise can be viewed at the earliest timing in a day within Hokkaido.



The Day-4 journey is required to drive back from the Cape Nosappu to the Nemuro city at the bottom of the Peninsular Nemuro by No. 44 National Road.  The driving is to pass by the Lake Furen, which is famous for the resting place for the white-cranes flying from Russia during the cold winter season.



Finally, the Day-4 journey stops at the Betsukai town by No.243 / 244 National Roads.  The Betsukai town has a very unique spot which is called the "Peninsular Notsuke".  The Peninsular Notsuke is considered as a kind of the sand split with approximate 28km length, which is recognised as the largest-sized within Japan.  The strange shape of the Peninsular Notsuke looks as if the shrimp's back-bent.



Overall, the Day-4 journey gives travellers a lot of scenic inland spots as well as beautiful sea views along with the coast lines.  The great natures always impress travellers with such amazing dynamics in size and quality.




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