The "Free-&-Easy" Trip to Hokkaido - A Driving-Round-Trip along with Coastal Towns & Villages (Day 3)

September 16, 2017

The Hokkaido round-trip along with coastal small towns & villages has started from the New Chitose Airport.   My recommended 1st-day covered the journey from New Chitose Airport up to the Erimo town in line with the coastline. 



My recommended 2nd-day route is to cover the Hidaka coastal area from Eirmo town to Shiranuka town, where it is a part of the Hidaka Semi-National Park. 



Then, the 3rd-day journey continues to cover the eastern coast line from Shiranuka town up to Akkeshi town, mainly focusing on the Kushiro Wetland area.  This area is a part of Kushiro Marsh National Park.



Kushiro Wetland, of which land space is as big as 180,290ha, is considered as the largest-sized among all the wetlands existing in Japan.  Kushiro Wetland consists of mainly 3 local administrative offices, i.e., "Tsurui village", "Shibecha town" and "Kushiro town" in the south-east side of Hokkaido.  The specific characteristics is naturally designed with the curved River Kushiro flowing through Kushiro Wetland.



The panorama view can be obtained from several scenic spots, especially at the number of observatory hilltops available in Kushiro Wetland.  The different seasons give you different images and impressions, as well as at the different timing within a day giving , e.g., the sunrise and sunset.   All the natural sceneries are so amazingly beautiful and impressive to any travellers regardless of seasons and timing.



I strongly recommend you to visit those small towns and villages near Kushiro Wetland as well as Kushiro coast lines.  



< The Day-3 Hokkaido Round-Trip to the Coastal Towns & Villages >






< The Bird's Eye View on Kushiro Wetland National Park >



< Kushiro Wetland Decorated with Autumn-Coloured Carpet >



< The River Kushiro in the Winter Scenery >



< Kushiro Wetland in the Reflection of the Beautiful Sunset >



< The Large Group of White Cranes at Tsurui Village Flying from Russia During the Winter Season > 



< The Great View from Cape Shireba in Kushiro Town >



< The Beautiful Sea View from the Cape Aikappu in Akkeshi Town >



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