The "Free-&-Easy" Trip to Hokkaido - A Driving-Round-Trip along with Coastal Towns & Villages (Day 2)

September 10, 2017

At the end of the Day-1 driving-round-trip along with coastal areas in Hokkaido, my recommendation ended by the Erimo Town last week.   The Erimo Town is the most southern point in the middle of Hokkaido region, where the Cape Erimo is well known for one of the best sea view spots in Hokkaido.



The straight coast line from Hidaka Town to Erimo Town shows the number of beautiful sand beaches and sea views regardless of seasons.  It is also the great scenery gained in the sunrise and sunset time.



As the Day-2 continuous journey from Erimo Town in driving toward the eastern part of Hokkaido, along with the coast line of the so-called "Tokachi Area", located in the east-south side of Hokkaido region.



This "Tokachi Area" is famous for the great Tokachi Mountain Ranges, formed up vertically from the north to the south, which are mainly consolidated with as high mountain as 1,000m and above such as Mt. Tokachi (1,457m), Mt. Rakko (1,471m), Mt. Hiro (1,231m) and others. This Day-2 round-trip route makes travellers enjoyed both views on highlands and sea sides.



My recommended route for the Day-2 driving journey is as below.


1.  Erimo Town

2.  Hiroo Town

3.  Taiki Town

4.  Toyokoro Town

5.  Urahoro Town

6.  Shiranuka Town


The above driving route requires total 178km distance in about 3.5-hour journey without stop-over. 




< The Day-2 Recommended Driving-Round-Trip Route >




< The Great View over the Takachi Mountain Ranges >



< The Dynamic Furebe Fall in the Hiroo Town >



< The Broad-Land Dairy-Farming in the Taiki Town >



< The Extraordinary Natural Ice-phenomenon at seaside in Toyohoro Town >



< The Scenic Sea View from the Hilltop in the Urahoro Town >



< Another Panorama View from the Observatory in the Shiranuka Town >




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