The "Free-&-Easy" Trip to Hokkaido - A Driving-Round-Trip along with Coastal Towns & Villages (Day 1)

September 3, 2017

I have been encouraging foreign travellers to go for a holiday trip to Japan in a free-&-easy style.   I understood that the free-&-easy trip might not be so easy for all the foreign travellers in Japan, however, I believe it is worthwhile to trying to make it with good preparation and challenge.



If you are interested in the free-&-easy trip to Japan, you normally have 2 different logistic options, which are either to have a car-rental for driving or to take public transportations such as JR or private railways or busses.  



From today, I would like to introduce and recommend to you as to how you can make a Hokkaido round-trip by driving and visiting small towns and villages along with the coast lines.



Firstly, Hokkaido consists of total 179 different cities, towns and villages as of today, which are broken down into 35 cities, 129 towns and then 15 villages.  In the event of making Hokkaido round-trip along with the coast lines, about 60 different towns and villages are situated at the coastal areas.  If you fly into New Chitose Airport near Sapporo city, I would like to recommend you to take the anti-clockwise direction for a round-trip in Hokkaido.



Prior to your trip to Hokkaido, You should make an earlier booking for the car-rental through any Japanese car-rental shop at the New Chitose Airport.    The major car-rental shops for my recommendation are "Toyota Rent-a-Car", "Nippon Rent-a-Car", "Nissan Rent-a-Car", which are reliable in Japan.  Once you arrive at the New Chitose Airport, you would go straight to the reserved rent-a-car shop nearby and pick up a car for your free-&-easy trip.



Let me introduce and recommend to you the best driving round-trip along with the coastal towns and villages in Hokkaido.  Today is the first-day drive route from the New Chitose Airport toward the Hidaka Coast Line.



< The Day 1 Route from the New Chitose Airport >




My recommended route is:- 


1)  New Chitose Airprot

2)  Akira Town

3)  Atsuma Town

4)  Mukawa Town

5)  Shin-Hidaka Town

6)  Niikappu Town

7)  Urakawa Town

8)  Samani Town

9)  Erimo Town



< Abira Town - Yellow Flower Garden >



< Atsuma Town - Hasukappu-Berry >



< Mukawa Town - "Shishamo (small egg fish) Port >



< Shin-Hidaka Town - Cherry-Blossoms View at Nijugen Road >



< Niikappu Town - Thoroughbred Horse Farm >



< Urakawa Town - Beautiful Sunset >



< Samani Town - Mt. Apoi Trekking > 



< Erimo Town - the Cape Erimo >




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