The "Free-&-Easy" Trip to Hokkaido - "The Non-Profitable Organisation of the Most Beautiful Villages in Japan"

August 26, 2017

As I explained last time, there are total 179 cities, towns and villages in Hokkaido as of today.  They are broken down into 35 cities, 129 towns and 15 villages respectively.  



I have been focusing on my introduction on such small towns and villages in Hokkaido, which I think have the number of "Hidden-Beauty" scenic spots, traditions, cultures, local specialities, hot-spring Onsens and others.   At the same time, I have been also suggesting you to make a more flexible trip in a free-&-easy style to those small and villages in Hokkaido, rather than taking such travel agent's tour packages.



As a main objective to promote more actively the number of small towns and villages in Japan, it was officially established in October 2005 that the number of small towns and villages got together to form their own non-profitable organisation of the self-declared "The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan".  



To date, the total 64 small towns, villages and specific areas in Japan have been registered in the organisation.   There are total 5 key objectives to form the organisation;


1)  Enhancing the brand value

2)  Enriching promotional activity

3)  Strengthening “The Most Beautiful Villages” association’s body

4)  Enlarge the supporter with understanding

5)  Widening the network and exchange



Secondly, the basic requirements to join the organisation is as follow;


1)  The size of the population less than 10,000 

2)  More than 2 local resources

3)  Having activities related to the local resources that accord to the association value



Within Hokkaido, there are 10 local governed towns, villages and areas registered to join the non-profitable organisation of "The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan".  They are : - 


- Biei Town

- Akaigawa Vilalge

- Shibetsu Town

- Tsurui Village

- Kyogoku Town

- Kuromatsunai Town

- Ebetsu area, Takikawa City

- Esashi Town

- Kiyosato Town

- Nakasatsunai Villagage



Please feel free to contact us or email to us at, if you are interested in traveling to those small towns and villages of "The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan".  We can give you more valued suggestions or recommendations personally to make your holiday trips enjoyable.




< Tsurui Village in Hokkaido >




< Tsurui Village in Hokkaido >




< Tsurui Village in Hokkaido >




< Tsurui Village in Hokkaido >




< Tsurui Village in Hokkaido >



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