The "Free-&-Easy" Trip to the "Hidden-Beauty" Small Towns & Villages in Hokkaido - "How To Fly into Hokkaido?"

August 13, 2017

If you decide to make your holiday trip to Hokkaido in a free-&-easy style, you may question yourself as to how much the air ticket is cost.  Your next question is which air lines you should select.  




1.  How do you prefer to enjoying your holiday trip to Hokkaido?



Through my experiences to communicate with overseas travellers, I know that the most of foreign travellers come up in mind that Sapporo is the most famous place in Hokkaido.  Thereafter, they check and look for the nearest air port to fly in from your overseas countries.  They found that they should fly into the New Chitose Airport (CTS) as an international airport window in Hokkaido.


Since Hokkaido is so large and broad, there are several airports to cover different area from the north to the south as well as the east to the west in Hokkaido.   You may refer to the below map of those domestic airports in Hokkaido.  However, you need to understand that the most of the below airports are for domestic use, not for international flight, except for the New Chitose Airport near Sapporo city.



< The Hokkaido Domestic Airport Map-Up >


Therefore, I can notice that a lot of foreign travellers who like to visit Hokkaido tend to decide with travel agent's tour package, which give you convenient plan without your own preparations and initiatives.   


I personally feel that it is a waste of your money and time to go with unchallenging and boring tour package.  That's why I always encourage foreign travellers to go for your holiday trip to Hokkaido in a free-&-easy style.  It could require you a certain preparation and planning in advance as well as your own initiatives and efforts during your free-&-easy trip in Hokkaido.  To me, it is indeed a big attraction and value for all of you to challenge for your new experiences and opportunities.  


Furthermore, I always recommend foreign travellers to visit those small towns & villages at rural places in Hokkaido, instead of those too famous or commercialised cities such as Sapporo or Hakodate. 




2.  How do you plan to fly into Hokkaido?



If you look at the above Hokkaido airport map, you can pick up the best or nearest domestic airports to where you like to visit.  I try to list up and summarise the neighboured domestic airports for you.


- The Shiretoko National Park                                  Memanbetsu Domestic Airport

- The Akan National Park                                          Nakashibetsu Domestic Airport

- The Kushiro Marsh Land National Park               Kushiro Domestic Airport

- The Rishiri-Rebun Sarobetsu National Park        Wakkanai Domestic Airport



< The National Parks in Hokkaido >





3.  How should you select the air lines to fly into your final destinations in Hokkaido?



Finally, you will need to decide which air lines you should select at the best.   Ofcourse, you may take into consideration for the air ticket price or for the convenience in flight or transit.   You may refer to the below comparison summary that I picked up for your understanding and judgment.


   Air Line Company               Departure Airport          Arrival Airport            Transit Airport         2-way Air Ticket Price (*)          Total Flight Time (**)


- Singapore Air Line               Singapore                       New Chitose               Haneda                      S$2,105.60                                 10hrs 45min

                                                  New Chitose                  Singapore                    Haneda                                                                          10hrs 30min


- ANA                                       Singapore                        New Chitose              Haneda                       S$    907.10                                12hrs 45min

                                                 New Chitose                    Singapore                  Haneda                                                                            10hrs 25min


                                                 Singapore                        Kushiro                        Haneda / Narita       S$    990.20                                 13hrs 45min

                                                 Kushiro                            Singapore                    Haneda / Narita                                                             14hrs 20min


                                                 Singapore                       Memanbetsu               Haneda / Narita       S$    925.20                                 13hrs 45min

                                                 Memanbetsu                 Singapore                     Haneda / Narita                                                             13hrs 00min


                                                 Singapore                       Nakashibetsu              Haneda / Narita        S$    925.20                                 14hrs 40min

                                                 Nakashibetsu                Singapore                     Haneda / Narita                                                              16hrs 55min


- Japan Air Lines                   Singapore                       New Chitose                 Haneda                       S$   912.40                                   11hrs 00min

                                               New Chitose                   Singapore                      Haneda                                                                             10hrs 35min


                                               Singapore                        Kushiro                         Haneda                       S$    996.70                                  11hrs 30min        

                                               Kushiro                             Singapore                    Haneda                                                                              14hrs 55min


                                               Singapore                        Memanbetsu                Haneda                       S$ 1,101.20                                 16hrs 40min

                                               Memanbetsu                  Singapore                      Haneda                                                                             16hrs 25min


                                               Singapore                        Nakashibetsu               NO FLIGHT AVAILABLE 


NOTE:  (*)  The above air ticket price is just indicated for your reference based on the specific timing of 16/Oct/2017 departure flight

                    and 27/Oct/2017 return flight.

            (**) The above flight duration time is also just indicated for your reference based on the above flight timing.






< The Straight-Line Road at Hokkaido Countryside >




Having provided you with some key guidances on how you fly into such small towns or villages in Hokkaido, I hope the above information can help and assist you to make your best judgment and decision in your holiday trip to Hokkaido.


Again, I would like to strongly recommend more foreign travellers to visit such beautiful and scenic small towns or villages in Hokkaido in a free-&-easy style. 


Please contact us or email to us at, if you have any specific requests for our holiday planning consultation or recommendation.


Shuichi Suzuki

Tanoshimu Japan



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