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August 6, 2017

The basic consideration to prepare your travel planning has been covered by my past few blogs.  Next, I would like to ask each of you as to what is your travel interest or preference to achieve from your holiday trip to Hokkaido.  This is one of the most crucial factors to make your trip plan successful in advance and further make your holiday enjoyable at the end.



1.  The Categorised Holiday Trip Objectives to Hokkaido:



Through my experiences that I have been dealing with the number of customers in the past, I can categorise a certain types of people's interests or preferences as below.


A)  The Great Nature's Lovers

B)  The Trekking & Walking Lovers

C)  The Flower Garden Lovers 

D)  The Autumn Scenery Lovers

E)  The Outdoor Sports Lovers 

F)  The Local Foods Lovers 

G)  The Hot-Spring Bath Lovers 

H)  The Winter Season Lovers 

I)  The Free-&-Easy Driving Lovers

J)  The Free-&-Easy JR / Bus Traveling Lovers


Since Hokkaido is so huge and broad, it is indeed crucial for you to make your trip objectives clear prior to your actual trip.  In addition, the effectiveness and efficiency in the cost performance also becomes critical to you, once you intend to spend your valued time and money for your holiday trip.  


Have you made your travel objectives clear in advance? 



2.  The Key Points in Travel Planning to Hokkaido:



Next, if you can firm your travel objectives clear in advance,  you can move to your initial travel planning.  The main questions that you may ask yourself are:-


A)  What do you like to try to do, see, experience and gain from your trip?

B)  What is your basic travel budget that you can intend to pay for, including your family members?

C)  How long do you like to travel based on your budget?

D)  What is the best logistic method for you?

E)  How can you make your travel cost performance better?



3.  The Extra Buffer in Travel Timing and Itinerary:



It is my suggestion that you try to spend a time to focus on the above basic areas thoroughly, while making your travel planning.    I would like to point out that you try to keep a certain buffer in schedule and itinerary on the logistic, when you travel in Hokkaido.  As I repeatedly mentioned, Hokkaido is so huge and broad, I actually noticed that many foreign travellers might underestimate its size as well as the distances while traveling at countryside in Hokkaido.   You may also note that the coverage of public transportation services like JR lines and private or public buses is somehow limited geographically as well as frequency-wise.



4.  The Extra Buffer in Travel Budget Planning:



You may be also required to plan with slightly higher travel budget while traveling to Hokkaido.  The main reasons are that you may have to connect to domestic flights to final destination in Hokkaido at a certain international airport like Tokyo or Osaka after flying from your country.  You may need to consider to increase your travel budget on the air ticket, compared to the case of flying into such major cities in Japan.


Furthermore, if you plan to travel by public transportation services such as JR lines, you may need to pay additional charges for taking taxi from local JR station to get to the final destination.  You may not be able to expect all JR stations to have each taxi companies in front of the station exist, especially at countryside. You may have to book a taxi in advance and their charge could be normally much higher at countryside.


On the contrary, if you plan to take a car rental and drive through Hokkaido, the driving cost could be also higher due to much longer-distance driving and as result much more petrol consumption as well as expressway toll. 




If you prefer to having an entire travel or itinerary planning proposal from us, you may write to us (  We will provide you with our recommended planning to make your holiday enjoyable.


Should you prefer to have one-to-one consultation session to assist you to make your own travel planning better, please also contact us ( for booking your private session at any time.





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