The "Free-&-Easy" Trip to the "Hidden-Beauty" Small Towns & Villages in Hokkaido - Geographical Breakdown & Logistics

July 30, 2017

Hokkaido is the largest-sized region within Japan, however, it is considered as only one prefectural state, which is different from all other regions in Japan, which consists of several prefectures within a region. 



1.  The First-Level Geographical Breakdown in Hokkaido:


In a large category of the geographic breakdown, Hokkaido is broken into 4 major semi-region.  They are the Northern Hokkaido, the Eastern Hokkaido, the Central Hokkaido and the Southern Hokkaido.







2.  The 2nd-Level of Geographical Breakdown in Hokkaido:



The next level of the geographical breakdown is split into total 14 semi-regions, which are: -


1.  Sorachi Semi-Region

2.  Ishikari

3.  Shiribetsu

4.  Iburi

5. Hidaka

6.  Oshima 

7.  Oshima

8. Hiyama

9. Kamikawa

10. Rumoi

11. Soya

12. Okhtsuku 

13. Tokachi

14. Kushiro

15. Nemuro




3.  The Key Airports in Operation within Hokkaido:



Let's see and check which airports available within Hokkaido?  There are total 11 domestic airports including an international airport, "New Chitose Airport, which becomes a major hub airport in Hokkaido for those international flights in and out all over the world.  The Rebun Airport has not been in operation since the year of 1999.




4.  Japan Railway Operation within Hokkaido:



You should check and decide which domestic airport you would fly in and return back to your countries.  

My basic recommendation to you is to fly into Haneda or Narita (Tokyo) International Airport from your countries, and change to domestic flights to connect to final destined airport nearby, where you like to go and visit in Hokkaido. 


Hokkaido is so big and broad to be covered with Japan Railway (JR) system.    Especially, the maintenance of the public train services has been getting more difficult, especially at rural places other than large cities such as Sapporo, Hakodate, Asashikawa, Obihiro and Kushiro, 


For your info, the number of JR lines have been closed and cancelled for the past 20 years, especially due to a continuous reduction in populations at those small towns and villages at countryside.




5.  The Major Bus Services within Hokkaido:

As the railway system in Hokkaido is limited, you may use local bus services in operation in Hokkaido. 


1.  Abashiri Bus

2.  Shari Bus

3.  Tokachi Bus

4.  Akan Bus

5.  Nemuro Bus

6.  Hakodate Bus


Other than the above local bus companies, there are JR-run bus services available at a certain places.




5.  The Expressways within Hokkaido:



If you prefer to driving a car in travelling through Hokkaido during your holiday trip, you may refer to the below expressways and normal road map.   Again, Hokkaido is so broad that the coverage of the Expressways is quite limited, especially at mountain or highland areas or remote coastlines.



6.  The Overall Support and Assistance by Tanoshimu Japan Service to Make Your Holidays Enjoyable:



I hope you have better understanding and knowledge on Hokkaido geographical breakdown as well as basic logistic means or ways for you to travel throughout such broad Hokkaido.



It is very crucial and significant for you to make good trip and holiday plans in advance, if  you decide to travel to Hokkaido.  Furthermore, your travel planning is subject to which season you prefer to visiting as well as what and how you prefer to spending your time in Hokkaido.



Please contact and email to us (, if you like to consult with me in more details for your actual trip planning to Hokkaido.  


You may also visit our business website, for more information.


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