The "Free-&-Easy" Trip to the "Hidden-Beauty" Small Towns & Villages in Hokkaido - The "Entry Point"

July 23, 2017

In general, out of total 179 cities, towns and villages existing in Hokkaido, the number of small towns take up 129, whereas the number of small villages take up 15.  Hence, the number of large cities in Hokkaido is accounted for 35 only.  In term of populations, the large cities pick up 82%, however, in term of land space, the large cities only take up 20%.  



There are many small towns and villages available in Hokkaido, where such "hidden-beauty" sceneries at rural and country sides can be seen on different seasons.



The different seasons provide different scenic images even at same places and locations.   In spring, some places are beautifully decorated with cherry-bosssoms.  In summer, a number of outdoor-activity spots are available in the great natures.  In autumn, the natural world in the highland becomes colourful attractions.  Finally in winter, white-snow decoration in high mountain ranges shows silent and peaceful impressions in atmosphere. 



The initial planning for your trip to Hokkaido is subject to what and how you would like to enjoy your holidays there.   Thereafter, you could decide where and how long you would go and visit in Hokkaido.  That is why the initial planning for your trip is the most important.



< Matsumae Town:  The Matsumae Castle in Spring >




< Mihoro Town:  The Great View from the Mihoro Pass in Summer >




 < Akaigawa Village:  The Colourful Rice Fields in Autumn >



< Akaigawa Village:  The White Decoration at Kiroro Snow World in Winter >







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