The "Hidden-Beauty" Small Towns & Villages in Japan - "Yahiko Village", Nishikanbara District in Hokkaido

April 30, 2017

The "Yahiko Village" is one of the smallest-sized towns in Niigata prefecture, just located next to the Tsubame city, which is geographically considered in the middle of the Niigata prefecture. 


The Yahiko Village had been a gateway town for the "Iyahiko Shrine", recognised as the highest-ranked shrine within the Echigo country in the ancient time.  


Mt. Yahiko's itself is regarded as a part of the Iyahiko Shrine and Mt. Yahiko is named as one of three highly-sacred Japanese-Shinto mountains in Japan.  




1. The Basic Information on "Yahiko Village" :


- The Land Area:  25.17 km2

- The Population:  8,110 persons (as of 2017)

- The Density of Population:  322 persons / km2

- The Railway:  There are 2 train stations available on JR Yahiko Line within the village.

- The Main Roads:  There is no National Road passing through the village.

- The Bus:  There is the bus service by Niigata Kotsu-Kanko.

- The Airport:  The nearest domestic airport is Niigata airport, away from the town in 50 km (about 60 min). 




2. The Main Industry:


- Agriculture

- Tourism




3. The Recommended Spots for Sightseeing Near "Yahiko Village" :



3-1  The Cherry-Blossoms Spots :


- Yahiko Park 

- Yahiko Shrine

- Yahiko Hot Water Festival (4/18)



3-2  The Summer Season Spots :


- Mt. Yahiko

- Yahiko Lantan Festival (7/24 - 7/26)

- Beach Opening (mid July)

- Graph Picking (early August)



3-3  The Autumn Season Spots :


- Yahiko Park

- Mt. Yahiko

- Yahiko Shrine

- Yahiko Kiku Festival 



3-4  The Historical Site :


- Yahiko Shrine



3-5  The Hot-Spring Bath (Japanese Onsen Places) :


- Yahiko Onsen



< The cherry-blossom at Yahiko Park early April >




< The Cherry-Blossom at Yahiko Park Early April >



< The Cherry-Blossom View at Yahiko Shrine >



< The Rural Landscape at Yahiko Village in Summer >



< The Skyline Road at Mt. Yahiko in Summer >



< Yahiko Hot Water Festival in April >



< Yahiko Lantan Festival in July >



< The Autumn Leave View at Yahiko Park early November >



< The Autumn Leave View at Yahiko Park early November >



< The Autumn Leave View at Yahiko Park early November >



< Mt. Yahiko autumn View end October >



< Yahiko Kiku Festival in November >



< The Yahiko Shrine Overview, as a iconic image of the Yahiko Village >



< The Hot-Spring Street at Yahiko Onsen Area >



< The Oyado-Dairoku Ryokan at Yahiko Onsen Place >



< How to Get to the Yahiko Village in Niigata Prefecture >









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