The "Hidden-Beauty" Small Towns & Villages in Japan - "Seiro Town" in Niigata Prefecture

April 2, 2017

There is a small-land town called "Seiro Town", located just between Niigata city and Murakami city, where it faces directly with the Sea of Japan.


The populations of the Seiro Town has been increased gradually for the past 40 years, which is considered as an exceptional case for such small towns in Japan nowadays.  


The main reasons is that more people move to the Seiro town and live there live, but to work in the neighboured Niigata city for better job opportunities. 



1. The Basic Information on "Seiro Town" :


- The Land Area:  37.58 km2

- The Population: 13,982 persons (as of 2017)

- The Density of Population:  372 persons / km2

- The Railway:  There is no railway service within the town.

- The Main Roads:  Two National Roads available in the town are #7 and #113.

- The Bus:  There are the bus services by Niigata Kotsu-Kanko.

- The Airport:  The nearest domestic airport is Niigata airport, away from the town in 18 km (about 25 min). 




2. The Main Industry:


- Agricultures

- Manufacturing 

- Power Station

- Port Facilities



3. The Recommended Spots for Sightseeing Near "Seiro Town" :



3-1  The Cherry-Blossoms Spots :


- Bentengata Fuchi Park

- River Kaji



3-2  The Summer Season Spots :


- Amishiro Beach



3-3  The Japanese Gardens :


- Ninomiya Resident's Flower Garden 



3-4  The Historic Sites:


- Kawachi Shrine



3-5  The Winter Season Spots:


- The Resting Swans at the Bentengata Fuchi Park



3-6  The Fruit Picking :


- Cherry Picking & Tasting at Maruhan Ito Farm

- Grape Picking & Tasting at Sakagami Farm




< The Cherry-Blossoms at Bentengata Fuchi Park >




< The Sakura Blossoms near the River Kaji >



< The Amishiro Beach in Summer Season >



< The Rose Garden at Ninomiya Resident >



< The Rose Garden at Ninomiya Resident >



< The Historic-Image Kawachi Shrine >



< The Resting Swans at Bentengata Fuchi Park in Winter >



< The Cherry Picking & Tasting at Maruhan Ito Farm >



< The Grapes Picking & Tasting at Sakagami Farm >



< How to get to the Seiro Town in Niigata Prefecture >




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