The "Hidden-Beauty" Small Towns & Villages in Japan - "Kawamata Town", Ide District in Fukushima Prefecture

March 19, 2017

The "Kawamata Town" is located in the northern part of the Abukuma highlands, surrounded by a number of high mountains.  


Since the ancient time, the town area had been well prospered with a long history.    The number of scenic places can be found, especially for many seasonal scenic spots such as cherry-blossoms in spring and autumn-leaves in autumn.




1. The Basic Information on "Kawamata Town" :


- The Total Area:  127.70 km2

- The Population: 14,162 persons (as of 2017)

- The Density of Population:  111 persons / km2

- The Railway:  There is no train station in the town right now, after it was closed in 1972.

- The Main Roads:  Three National Roads available in the town are #114, #349 and #459.

- The Bus:  There are the bus services by JR Tohoku Bus, Fukushima Transportation and Town-run bus in the town.

- The Airport:  The nearest domestic airport is Fukushima airport, away from the town in 75 km (about 90 min). 




2. The Main Industry:


- Manufactures

- Agricultures

- Commercialisation 




3. The Recommended Spots for Sightseeing Near "Kawamata Town" :



3-1  The Flower Viewing :


- "Zaru" Kiku Flower Garden



3-2  The Cherry-Blossoms Spots :


- Chojuizumi Sakura

- Kawamata Chuo Park's Sakura

- Sakaiki Twin Sakura 

- Akiyama Koma Sakura



3-3  The Summer Season Spots :


- Toge Forest Natural Park



3-4  The Autumn-Leave Spots:


- Mt. Hanazuka

- Mt. Kihata 



3-5  The Winter Scenic Spots:


- Mt. Megumi



< The Zaru-Kuki Flower Garden in Autumn >



< The Chojuizumi Sakura in Spring >



< The Akiyama Koma Sakura in Spring >



< The Sakaiki Twin Sakura Trees in Spring 



< Kawamata Chuo Park in Summer >



< Toge Forest Natural Park in Summer >



< Mt. Kihata in Autumn >



< The rural landscape in Autumn >



< Mt. Megumi's Winter View >



< How to Get to the Kawamata Town in Fukushima? >



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