The "Hidden-Beauty" Small Towns & Villages in Japan - "Hirata Village" in Fukushima Prefecture

February 26, 2017

There is a small village called, "Hirata Village", where it is surrounded by larger cities such as Koriyama, Sukagawa and Iwaki in the south-eastern part of Fukushima prefecture.



Although the size of the village is relatively small, there are a number of scenic and natural spots within the village.  As a part of key industries at the village, therefore, it has been promoting the tourisms actively outside Fukushima prefecture.




1. The Basic Information on "Hirata Village" :


- The Total Area:  93.42 km2

- The Population: 6,356 persons (as of 2016)

- The Density of Population:  68 persons / km2

- The Railway:  There is no railway station within the village.  The nearest train station is Natsui station in Ono town.

- The Main Roads:  The National Roads are #49 and #349 passing through the village.

- The Bus:  There is the bus service by Fukushima Transportation Company in the village.

- The Airport:  The nearest domestic airport is Fukushima airport, away from the town in 17 km (21-min drive). 




2. The Main Industry:


- Agricultures

- Tourism 




3. The Recommended Spots for Sightseeing Near "Hirata Village" :



3-1  The Flower Viewing :


- The Pink-Moss Flower Garden at "Jupia-Land Hirata" (from the end of May to the middle of June)



3-2  The Cherry-Blossoms Spots :


- The Baba-Zakura

- The Iwakura-Zakura

- The Koshin-Zakura

- The Jizo-Zakura

- The Jumontsuji-Zakura




3-3  The Summer Season Spots :


- The Mount Yomogida (952m high)

- The Mount Shida Natural Park (819m high)



3-4  The Autumn-Leave Spots:


- The Yamadori-Taki (Waterfall)



3-5  The Local Specialities :


- The Local Japanese Sake, "Wakashimizu"

- The Hirata Mushrooms

- The Hirata Noodle 

- The Hirata Yam



3-6  The Historic Site:


- The Jurian (Historic Farmer Resident)




< The Pink-Moss Garden at Jupia-Land HIRATA in Late Spring >




< The Baba-Zakura in Spring >



< The Mount Yomogida-dake in Summer >




< The Mount Shiba Natural Park in Summer >




< The Yamadori Waterfall  in Autumn >




 < The Historic Farmer Resident as a Preserved Traditional Culture & Building > 




< How to Get to the Hirata Village? >




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