The "Hidden-Beauty" Small Towns / Villages in Japan - "Yanaizu Town" in Fukushima Prefecture

January 29, 2017

The Yanaizu town is formed vertically in a long shape, along with the River Tadami at the northern side, as well as another River Takiya passing through from north to south within the town.  The southern part of the town is mainly surrounded by highlands such as the Mt. Hakase (1,482m).



The Tadami JR Line along with the River Tamadai is moving towards the west to its upper-side of the Lake Oku-Tadami, which is closer to the border of Niigata prefecture, where the real nature's world can be seen.  




1. The Basic Information on "Yanaizu Town" :


- The Total Area:  175.82 km2

- The Population: 3,448 persons (as of 2016)

- The Density of Population:  19.6 persons / km2

- The Railway:  There are 3 JR train stations on JR Tadami Line within the town.

- The Main Roads:  Three National Roads, #49, #252 and #400, are networked in the town.

- The Bus:  The Aizu Bus & the town-run local bus service are both available for its local residents.  

- The Airport:  The nearest domestic airport is Fukushima airport, away from the town in 100 km (90-min drive).  




2. The Main Industry:


- Agricultures




3. The Recommended Spots for Sightseeing Near "Yanaizu Town" :



3-1  The Nature's World :


- Yanaizu Forest Park (suitable for trekking)

- Tsumujikura Waterfalls (largest-sized falls within Hakushi Mountain Ranges)




3-2  The Cherry-Blossoms Spots :


- Enzoji Temple

- Zuikoji Temple



3-3  The Autumn-Leave Spots:


- Okunoin Bentendo (National Important Cultural Treasury)

- Zuikoji Park 



3-4  The Historical Sites :


- Yanaizu Jomon Museum

- Oborudaki Kannon

- Karuizawa Ginzan (Ex site for Silver-Mine)



3-5  The Hot-Spring Bath / Japanese Onsen :


- Nishiyama Onsen

- Yanaizu Onsen



< The Yellow-Flower Garden in Spring >



< The Yanaizu Camping Park in Summer >



< The Enjoy Temple - Cherry-Blossoms >



< The Zuikoji Temple - Cherry-Blossoms >



< The Enjoji Temple - Autumn Leaves >



< The Okunoin Bentendo - Autumn Leaves >



< The Tsumujikura Waterfalls jin Autumn >



< The Yanaizu Jomon Museum >



< The Nishiyama Onsen >



< How to Get to the Yanaizu Town in Fukushima >



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