The "Hidden-Beauty" Small Towns / Villages in Japan - "Tadami" Town in Fukushima Prefecture

December 18, 2016

Tadami Town is located on such a deeply inside highland area, closer to the border of Nigata prefecture, where it is geographically in the most western part of Fukushima prefecture.   Every year, travellers visit the town to enjoy mountain-climbing, camping, trekking as well as enjoying the hot-spring bathes.


Tadami Town has been an important logistic point in transporting between Fukushima and Niigata prefectures by JR Tadami train line, in spite of such a deep highland area.  


With abundant water resources available by the River Tadami, there are several Dams constructed around Oku-Tadami and Tagokura Lakes, and the Hydroelectric Generation has become the main industry for the town today.



1. The Basic Information on "Tadami Town" :


- The Total Area:  747.56 km2

- The Population: 4,413 persons (as of 2016)

- The Density of Population:  5.9 persons / km2

- The Railway:  There are 3 train stations of Tadami JR Line within the town.

- The Main Roads:  Two National Roads, #252 and #289 are available in the town.

- The Bus:  There used to have a local bus network until 2008, but it has been cancelled. 

- The Airport:  The nearest airport is either Fukushima or Niigata Airport in a similar distance (140 - 150km) from the town  (about 2.5 hours).




2. The Main Industry:


- Hydroelectric Generation (by Oku-Tadami Dam and other Dams)




3. The Recommended Spots for Sightseeing Near "Tadami Town" :



3-1 The Four Tadami Mountains - Highland Nature's World :


- Mt. Asakusadake (1,585m)

- Mt. Aizu-Asahidake (1,624m)

- Mt. Gamodake (828m)

- Mt. Gaiyo (705m)



3-2  The Summer Season :


- The Auto Camping 

- The Gorge Fishing 



3-3  The Autumn-Leave Site :


- The Numa-Daira (Marshes)

- The Megumi (Primeval) Forests



3-4  The Winter Season :


- The Tadami Sky Resort



3-5  Hot-Spring (Onsen) :


- The Fukazawa Onsen (Tokino Sato)




< The Oku-Tadami Dam >




< Mt. Asakusadake - 1,585m >




< Mt. Aizu-Asahidake - 1,624m >




< Mt. Gamodake - 828m >




< The Auto Camping at Nature's Forests >




< The Megumi-no-Forests >



< The Toki-no-Sato, Fukuzawa Onsen >




< How to get to Tadami Town, Fukushima >




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