The "Hidden-Beauty" Small Towns / Villages in Japan - "Nishiwaga" Town, Iwate Prefecture

January 24, 2016

There is one more introduction for a small, but nice town in Iwate prefecture that I would like to make. The name of the small town is "Nishiwaga town", located in the westen side of Iwate prefecture, and closer to the boarder with Akita prefecture.  


The town is surrounded by more than 1,000m-high mountains from 3 directions, i.e., the north, east and south, and the west is to face with Akita Flat-Basin.  Therefore, it is called that the town is one of the heaviest snowfall areas in Japan.  In 2013 the town was recorded the lowest temperature (-25.9 deg) in its history.



1. Basic Infomation on "Nishiwaga Town" :


- The Total Area:  590.8km2

- The Population: 5,766 persons (as of 2015)

- The Desity of Population:  9.76 persons / km2

- Railway:  JR Kitakami Line (The nearest station is "Yuda-Kinshuko")

- Main Roads:  Akita Highway, National Route (#107) and several Prefectural Routes

- Bus:  Iwate Transport Bus

- Airport:  Akita Domestic Airport in Akita prefecture (in approximately 75 minutes)



2. Main Industry:


- Aguriculture

- Forestry

- Tourisim 



3. The recommended spots for sightseeing near "Nishiwaga Town":


3-1 Yukawa Onsen


- Yukawa Onsen is located in the middle of abundant natures in the highland forest

- The Onsen is seen with very simplicity and naturality under rural environments, without much artificial decoration or interior

- There is a nice view spot, "Yukawa Marsh" near the Onsen to add much nature atmospheres.


3-2  Shiraito Falls


- Shiraito falls appear in a brave figure in the deeply-inside forest area

- The falls are sized in 30m high and in 20m wide


3-3  Minami-Honuchidake


- The mountain is 1,486m high as the highest peak among all the mountains over there

- It is strongly recommended to trekking lovers or highland-flower lovers


3-5  Kinshu Lake


- Especially the Kinshu Lake becomes very colourful in autumn

- The lake is selected as one of the best highland natural lakes in Japan


3-6  Highland Flowers


- The highland area remains naturally without much human disturbance or interruption

- The various highland flowers such as "Mizubasho" (White Arum) and "Yuki-Tsubaki" (Snow Camellia) planted naturally can be seen in broad highland area



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< How to Get Nishiwaga Town, Iwate >





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