The "Hidden-Beauty" Small Towns / Villages in Japan - "Kaneyama Town" in Fukushima Prefecture

August 14, 2016


The place in the south-western part of Fukushima is called "Oku-Aizu" (Inner highland-area Aizu district), while Aizu-Wakamatsu area is rather called as "main-Aizu" area.  


One of small towns is "Kaneyama town", which is sited along with the River Tadami.  With rich natural resources available on the highland area, there is one of the largest-sized man-made lake, "the Lake Tadami" appearing at farther & deeper location at the upper side of the River Tadami.



1. The Basic Information on "Kaneyama Town" :


- The Total Area:  293.92 km2

- The Population: 2,157 persons (as of 2016)

- The Density of Population:  7.34 persons / km2

- The Railway:  There is Aizu-Kawaguchi station on JR Tadami Line, under East-Japan Railways, in the town.

- The Main Roads:  The two National Roads (#252 and #400) available within the town.   

- The Bus:  There is no major bus transportation service available, except for the town-owned local bus network service.

- The Airport:  The nearest airport is Niigata Domestic Airport in 120minute drive from the town (about 122 km)



2. The Main Industry:


- Agriculture

- Water-Power Station



3. The Recommended Spots for Sightseeing Near "Kaneyama Town


3-1  Kaneyama Town as a Part of Oku-Aizu District: 


- Kaneyama Town is situated along with the River Tadami, which has rich and natural water-resources surrounded by highlands.

- Kanyama Town is a small town at rural and flat area, where the landscape view is so great, regardless of seasons.



3-2   The Lake Numazawa :


- The Lake Numazawa is considered as a Caldera lake, where it is sited on 475m high and sized with 3.1km2.

- There is some nice trekking courses around the lake, therefore, many travellers go there in summer time especially.



3-3   The High Snowfalls Area :


- The highland area including Kaneyama town is one of the highest snowfalls places within Tohoku region.

- The town is always decorated with white-snows in winter time, and it shows its own images on peacefulness and purity by colour.



3-4  The Autumn-Leave View Spots:


- On the other hand, the autumn season can be seen a very colourful leaves all over the town.

- With the collaboration of highland scenery and natural resources including the river streams, especially such an autumn atmosphere become very unusual experiences to visitors.



3-5   A Variety of Hot-Springs :


- For blessings of abundant natural resources on the highland, the hot-springs are available within the town.

- The different locations of the hot-springs give somehow different Onsen effects and attractions.




< Kaneyama Town located at the side of the River Tadami >



< The Nice-Looking JR Tadami Line Crossing over the River Tadami >



< The Yellow Flower Field at Kaneyama Town in Summer Time >



< The Snowing Decoration on Highland Sites in Winter Time >


< The Colourful Autumn-Leave Mountains and the Lake Numazawa in Autumn Season >



< The Hot-Spring Bath-Taking at the Riverside in Natural Environment >



< How to Get Kaneyama Town in Fukushima prefecture? >





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