The "Hidden-Beauty" Small Towns / Villages in Japan - "Shichikashuku Town" in Miyagi Prefecture

May 28, 2016

One small town, "Shichikashuku", sited in the South-West side of Miyagi prefecture, which is very closer to the well-known "Zao Mountain Ranges" constructing highland areas over the border of Miyagi and Yamagata prefectures.


"Shichikashuku" town is really a small town with only 1,400 population, which has been reduced continuously every year so far.  However, I personally think that the "Shichikashuku" town is indeed one of my highly recommended place for travellers who love beautiful natures and fresh air on highland area.



1. The Basic Information on "Shichikashuku Town" :


- The Total Area:  263.09 km2

- The Population: 1,439 persons (as of 2016)

- The Density of Population:  5.47 persons / km2

- The Railway:  There is no train line and station within the village, while the nearest tran station is Shiroishi.

- The Main Roads:  The National Road are #113 and #339. 

- The Bus:  Only local bus under the operation of Shichishuku town is available.

- The Airport:  The nearest airport is Sendai Domestic Airport in 80-minute drive from the town.



2. The Main Industry:


- Aguriculture (Mainly Rice)



3. The Recommended Spots for Sightseeing Near "Shichishuku Town":


3-1  Mt. Fubo :


- Mt. Fubo is a part of "Zao Mountain Ranges", located in the town of "Shichikashuku", of which height is 1,705 meter.  

- It is shown a nice-shaped figure to attract nature's lovers regardless of seasons.


3-2  Choro Lake :


- Choro Lake is sited on the level of 500m high closer to Mt. Fubo, and it is small but it has natural attractions.

- Travellers like to visit there to enjoy fresh greenery in summer and colour changes in autumn season.


3-3  Nametsu Falls :


- Nametsu Falls is made with 2 different falls, of which larger one is "Nametsu Otaki" and of which smaller one is called "Nametsu Shotaki"

- Nametsu Falls is selected as one of the best falls sited in Miyagi prefecture.


3-4  Shichikashuku Lake Dam :


- Shichikashuku Lake was built in 1991 along with Shiroishi River as a dam to supply Sensai city with waters.

- The Dam is selected as one of the best 100 dams in Japan.


3-4 Shichikashuku Mizubasho-Gunseichi :


- The broad and natural marsh field are fully spread with beautiful blossoms of Iris flowers

- The Iris flower blossoms remind the town people of the spring in April every year.



< Mt. Fubo Figure in Summer Season >



< Nametsu Falls in Autumn 




< Choro Lake in Autumn Season >



< Shichikashuku Dam Lake > 



< Shichikashuku Iris Flower Natural Marsh >



How to Get to Shichikashuku Town in Miyagi Prefecture





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