The "Hidden-Beauty" Small Towns / Villages in Japan - "Okura" Village in Yamagata Prefecture

March 27, 2016

There was a new propsal done in 2005 by one of small villages in Japan, which was actually "Biei" town, saying that Japan should have promoted more beautiful small towns / villages internally and externally.  


The assocation was named as "the most beautiful villages in Japan", started by total 7 small towns & villages to lead this introduction and promotion.   This Okura village was one of the pioneer members at the assocation, joined from Yamagata prefecture.


Indeed, many small villages in Japan have not been yet known for people, hence, I personally wish to introduce them to more foreign travellers, who like Japan, but are not yet familiar with such small towns / villages having plentiful natural resources as well as nature's beauties.  



1. The Basic Infomation on "Okura Village" :


- The Total Area:  211.63 km2

- The Population: 3,380 people (as of 2016)

- The Density of Population:  16 people / km2

- The Railway:  There is no train line and station within the village

- The Main Roads:  The National Road - #458.  There are no other main road going through the village

- The Bus:  Yamako Bus Transporation

- The Airport:  The nearest airport is Yamagata Dometic Airport in 60-minute drive from the town.



2. The Main Industry:


- Aguriculture (Tomatos are the most famous)

- Japanese Sob-Producing

- Japanese Sake Brewery 

- Japanese "Kokeshi" (wooden-doll) producing

- Tourism



3. The Recommended Spots for Sightseeing Near "Okura Village":



3-1  The Most Beautiful Villages Assocation in Japan :


-  Okura Village joined the assocation of "the most beautiful villages in Japan" as one of 7 pioneer members in 2005.

-  The rural landscape at the village indeed looks so peaceful and beautiful.

- It is the best to visit the village and enjoy scenic views and special atmosphere.



3-2  "Yokka Village" Rice Terraces :


- There is one of well-known rice terrace field area at the village, which is people call as "Yokka village"

- The "Yokka Village" is resided by only 400 villagers in a very small space today.



3-3  Hijiori Onsen :


- The Hijiori Onsen is located at the volcanic crater of the mountain, where it is best known for high snowfalls area in the northern Japan during the winter season.

- The Hijiori Onsen was recently made for 1,200-year celebration as a very historic monument in Yamagata.

- The Onsen village is still maintained well with many old-style Japanese wooden-made Ryokan buildings, which give visitors such nostalgically sentimental impressions.



3-4  The Snow Festival :


- Every year the snow festival is held at Okura Villag in March.

- The overall festival is very dynamic and mysterious in the back of white-snow wold, which gives travellers colourful attractions with a lot of fireworks in the clear sky.




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