The "Hidden-Beauty" Small Towns / Villages in Japan - "Oguni Town" in Yamagata Prefecture

February 28, 2016

The "Oguni town' is located in the south-west side of Yamagata prefecture, near the border of Niigata prefecture, where it is surrounded by highland mountains


In winter, it is well known for one of the heavy snowfalls area due to a strong seasonal monsoon from Sieberia, Russia. 


The northern part of the town is covered by Asahi Mountain Ranges (approximate 1,900m-high), whereas its southern part is covered by Iide highalnd ranges (approximate 2,000m-high).




1. The Basic Infomation on "Oguni Town" :


- The Total Area:  737.56 km2

- The Population: 7,842 people (as of 2015)

- The Density of Population:  10.6 people / km2

- Railway:  The nearest station is Oguni station on JR Yonesaka Line, which is connected between Yonezawa station in Yamagata and Sakamachi station in Niigata. 

- Main Roads:  1) The National Road - #113, and 2) The Prefectural Roads - #8 and #15)

- Bus:  Yamako and Niigata Bus Transporation

- Airport:  The nearest airport is Niigata Dometic Airport in 80-minute drive from the town.



2. The Main Industry:


- Aguriculture

- Forestry 

- Manufacutring

- Tourism



3. The Recommended Spots for Sightseeing Near "Oguni Town":



3-1 The Therapeutic Walk in Greenery Forest:


- There are many greenery forest areas available in the town for so-called "the therapeutic walk", which give visitors a peaceful mind.

- The plentiful natures in the town is attractive to those mountain or trekking lovers



3-2  "Shiroi Forest" Camping Site:


- Several camping sites are available in the town, where people prefer to staying in the natures for a few to several days

- The visitors could try to change camping sites in the town during their stay



3-3  Kurosawa Mountain Ridge:


- It is indeed a great view from the highland's ridge like Kurosawa Pass

- The visitors can enjoy a panorama-view from its tip in different seasons



3-4  "Shiroi Forest" Oguni Lake:


- The lake shows differently by season, in spring, summer, autumn or winter

- Especially in autumn and winter, it could be the most beautiful scenery



3-5  Akashiba Gorge:


- Akashiba Gorge can be seeen a splendidly wonderful scenery, particularly in autumn season

- It is the best known for autumn-leave view spot in Yamagata, where it can not be compared with the scenery at other locations



< The Snow-Decoration at Oguni Town in Winter > 



< Therapeutic Walk in Forest in Autumn Season >



< Another Peaceful Walk in Greenery Foreast in Summer Time > 



< One of Camping Sites in the Town >



< In the Natural Forest On The Way To Kurosawa Ridge > 



< "Shiroi Forest" Oguni Lake in Autumn >



 < The Beautiful Autumn-Leave View at Akashiba Gorge > 




< How to get Oguni Town in Yamagata >



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