The "Hidden-Beauty" Small Towns / Villages in Japan - "Kaneyama Town" in Yamagata Prefecture

February 21, 2016

The Town of "Kaneyama" in Yamagata prefecture used to be an important location since the 8th Century, when the name of the state called "Dewa" was formed by Yamato Emperor.  The "Dewa" state had been represented for Akita and Yamagata nowadays.  


Yamato Emperor had been trying to expand their governed-territory gradually towards the northern part of Japan, where they are currently in Tohoku region.   In the 8th Century the current "Niigata" prefecture used to be called "Echigo",  while other Tohoku-region prefectures such as Aomori, Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima was called as "Mutsu".  


Geographically, "Kaneyama Town" is located in the north-east side of Yamagata prefecture, which is closer to the border of Akita prefecture, where there can be seen "Kamuro Mountain Ranges" closer to the Akita border.  "Kaneyama Town" is well known as one of the heaviest snowfalls places in Japan, which is averagely 2m-high snows piled up during the cold winter season.  The approximately 75% of the total area of Kaneyama town is covered by mountain forests, therefore, there are plentiful natural resources on highlands.



1. The Basic Infomation on "Kaneyama Town" :


- The Total Area:  161.67km2

- The Population: 5,807 people (as of 2015)

- The Desity of Population:  35.9 people / km2

- Railway:  No Railway Transportation available within the village, but the nearest station is JR Shinjo station on JR Ou Main Line (about 25min by car from Kaneyama town)

- Main Roads:  1) The National Road - #13 and #344, and 2) The Prefectural Roads - #192 / $320 / #323 / #324)

- Bus:  Yamako Bus Transporation

- Airport:  The nearest airports are 1) Yamagata Dometic Airport and 2) Shonai Domesic Airport



2. The Main Industry:


- Aguriculture

- Diary Farm

- Forestry 



3. The Recommended Spots for Sightseeing Near "Kaneyama Town":



3-1 Kamuro Mountain Ranges:


- Kaneyama town is surrounded by the approximately 1,000 to 1,500m high mountains.

- The main industry at the town is rice farming, of which brands are renowned as "Akita Komachi", "Hitomebore", "Tsuyahime" or "Haenuki" agriculutured at Kaneyama town and neighbouring areas.


3-2  Cherry-Blossoms Season:


- The stand-alone Sakura tree at Taya, Kaneya town is popular for local people in spring time.

- It is a great scenery on pinky cherry-blossoms at rural rice fields, which always give local people a peace of mind.


3-3  Autumn-Leaves Attractions:


 - Kurikoma semi-national park lays nearby Kaneyama town with abundant natural resources available.

- Especially in autumn season, the entire national park can be seen so colourful beauties.


3-4  Heavy Snowfalls Decorations:


- Kaneyama town sceneries and atmospheres are changed in winter time, particularly on cold and heavy snowfalls days.

- It looks a very silent and peaceful world in the town, where the black-&-while colour combination at the town is made for specific images. 


3-5  Old and Traditional Town:


- With long and rich cultures from Dewa's traditions, the town has been well maintained and preserved.

- The values of such town traditions are irreplaceable and imcomparable nowadays.




< The Rural Landscape Scenery from Kaneyama Town in Summer Time >




< Kamuro Mountain Range Scenery from Kaneyama Town in Winter Season >




< The Stand-Alone Sakura Tree for Great Cherry-Blossoms View at Taya area >




< The Beautiful Town with Cherry-Blossoms in the Back of Misty Kamuro Mountain Ranges >



< The Autumn's Colourful Coordination on Kurikoma Semi-National Park >




< The Traditional Town Images Along with Silent Water Stream >




< Another Scenery with Old Town Atmospheres in Autumn Season >




< How to Get Kaneyama Town >




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