The "Hidden-Beauty" Small Towns / Villages in Japan - "Misato Town" in Akita Prefecture

February 7, 2016

There are 2 towns called "Misato" in same pronounciation in Tohoku region.  One is "Misato town" in Miyagi prefecture, while another is "Misato town" in Akita.  The "Misato town" in Akita is spelled out as "Beautiful Waterways place", whereas the "Misato town" in Miyagi is in "Beautiful Mountain Footage Village".  


Today a small town that I would like to introduce is "Misato" spelled out as a Beautiful Waterways Place, which is located in the middle part of Akita prefecture, nearby Senboku City.  As per the naming of the "Misato town", it s well known as a beautiful and clean water-resourced town, with a blessing of abundant natural resources on the highland area.



1. Basic Infomation on "Misato Town" :


- The Total Area:  168.34 km2

- The Population: 20,002 people (as of 2015)

- The Desity of Population:  119 persons / km2

- Railway:  1) JR Tohoku Shinkansen (Omagari Station), 2)  JR Oou Main Line, Gosannen Station

- Main Roads:  1) Akita Highway (Omagari Interchange), 2) National Route (#13)

- Bus:  Ugo Transporation 

- Airport:  Akita Dometic Airport in about 45-min drive by Akita Highway 



2. Main Industry:


- Aguriculature

- Diary Farm

- Tourism

- Spring Water Resources



3. The recommended spots for sightseeing near "Misato Town":



3-1 Spring Water Resources related:


With a rich and clean quality of water resources available at Misato town in Akita, there are many well-known places related to waterway or water resource quality, which are selected one of the best 100 clean-water resources in Japan.


- Best 100 Waterway areas in Japan


- Best 100 Water Parks in Japan


- Best 100 Water Forests in Japan


- Best 100 Marshed Ponds in Japan



3-2  Lavendor Flower Park:


- More than 9 different and total 20,000 Lavendors are planted all over the park

- The best visit and view timing is from end of June to early of July every year

- It's a free entrance



3-3  Ski Resorts:


- There are 2 ski resorts at Misato town, 1) Gosannen Ski Resort, 2) Senhata Ski Resort

- The operation duration is from end of December to mid of March every year

- Free entrace, as well



3-4  "Rokugo" Snow-Hut / Snow-Igoloo Fire Festival:


- Misato town is crowded with many tourists for the snow-hut fire festival held around mid of Feb

- This festival is designated as the important cultural treasury by Japanese government



3-5 Magi-Mahiru Natural Park:


- The 1,000m highland area covered by Oou Mountain Ranges is called "Magi-Mahiru Natural Park

- The Natural Park is included in many mountains, forests, rivers, waterfalls and lakes



< Rokugo Spring Waters >




<  Misato Town's Waterways Point >




< Lavendors at Senhata Park >




< Gosannen Skii Resort >




< Rokugo Kamakura Festival >




< Magi-Mahiru Natural Park >



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