The "Hidden-Beauty" Small Towns / Villages in Japan - "Oma Town" / Aomori

December 27, 2015

Last week I ended my introduction on a series of small towns in Hokkaido, and I am moving into "Honshu island" (the so-called main island, which is the largest-size island in Japan).   Today, I would like to introduce a first "hidden-beauty" small town in Tohoku region, in the northern part of "Honshu island".    It is called "Oma town", located at the west-north tip of Shimokita Peninsular in Aomori prefecture.   "Oma town' is located at the most north-point in Honshu island, and it is the best-known for all the eating-lovers for Tuna Fish ("Maguro" in Japanese) in Japan.



1. Basic Infomation on "Oma Town" :


- The Total Area:  52.1km2

- The Population: 5,784 persons (as of 2015)

- The Desity of Population:  111 persons / km2

- Railway:  Not Available  

- Bus:  Shimokita Transportation Networks

- Airport:  Aomori Airport (it is about 3-hour car drive from Oma town)


2. Main Industry:



- The best-known "Oma Tuna Fish" within Japan, which is regarded as the No.1 Tuna Fish in Japan

- Other seafoods such as Sea Uchin, Squids and Seaweeds


3. The recommended spots for sightseeing near "Oma Town":


3-1  "Oma-Brand" Seafoods:

- Tuna Fish

- Sea Uchin

- Squids 

- Seaweeds


3-2  Omasaki (Oma Cape):

- A symbol of Oma culture as a fishing port as well as a nature of the stongly-determined fishermen.  

- Especially, it is so beautiful sceneries seen in the sunrise as well as sunset time.


3-3  Akaishi Beach:  

The most north-point Beach in Honshu island


3-4  Tsuhanasaki:

- 10m-high Cliff standing up in about 1km on coastline


3-5  Omasaki Lighthouse:

- The most north-point lighthouse guiding all the ships & vessels saling from one to another direction


3-6  Oma Onsen:  

- The most north-point Hot-Spring Point in Honshu island


3-7  Mt. Nishibuki:

Dairy Farms for attractions to tourists as well as a panorama-view for Hokkaido from its observation deck


3-8  "Sea-Wind" Drum Group:

- Japanese-style drum session being promoted by young-generation group to introduce a traditional culture of "Tsugaru" district,

- The specific mage is represented for a strongly-determined people living in such a very cold area.  




< A Symbol of Oma Town for the best-known Tuna Fishing Port > 



< A Great Quality of Oma-Brand Tsuna Fish >



< Extremely Fresh Tuna-Fish Nigiri-Sushi Only Available at Oma Town > 



< A Beautiful Sunrise at Omasaki (the tip of Shimokita Peninsular >



< The Ripping Waves Hitting Gently at Akaishi Beach >



< A Brave Impression from Tsuhanazaki Beach >



< The Oma Lighthouse in Guiding Right Directions to Sailing Vessels >



< Oma Onsen SPA Centre >



< Dairy Farm's Landscape just next to The Great Tsugaru Channel >



< The Dynamic Performance by the "Uminari japanese Drum Group" at Oma Town >



< How to Get Oma Town in Aomori >



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