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December 13, 2015

Today I would like to introduce "Kamikawa town" located in the Kamikawa Distrct in Hokkaido, where it is almost located in the centre of Hokkaido.  Local people call the area "Do-chu", which is meant for the middle fo Hokkaido.  


1. Basic Infomation on "Kamikawa Town" :


- The Total Area:  1,049.47km2

- The Population: 3,969 persons (as of 2015)

- The Desity of Population:  3.78 persons / km2

- Railway:  Sekihoku Main Line (from Tounk station to Kamikawa station)

- Bus:  Dohoku Bus Network

- Airport:  Asahikawa Domestic Airport


2. Main Industries:


- Daily Farm (Daisetsu Highland Beef)

- Rainbow Trout's Breeding

- Tourism (Daisetsu National Park and Sounkyo Onsen)


3. The recommended spots for sightseeing near "Kamikawa Town":


3-1  Daisetsuzan (Daisetsu Mountain Ranges):


Daisetsu Mountain Ranges are included in the number of high mountains such as 

- Hokuchindake (2,244m)

- Hakuundake (2,230m)

- Aibetsudake (2,112m)

- Akadake (2,078m)

- Kurodake (1,984m)


Kamikawa town has one climbing route toward Kurodake‘s peak.  The upper-stream of the well-known Ishikari River, of which length is ranked as top 3 in Japan, goes through Kamikawa town.


3-2  Sounkyo Onsen:


Sounkyo Onsen is one of the best-known Onsens in Hokkaido, and there are total 17 Onsen Ryokans available.  The original hot-spring was found by migrants who came from Japan mainland and developed Hokkaido just before Meiji restoration time around 1880.  


3-3  "Kita no Mori" Gardens (North Forest Gardens):


This is really an unusual animal zoo, which is mainly focused on different bears in the zoo.  You may not be able to view many bears at other places in Hokkaido.  


3-4  The Self-Declared "The Best Ramen in Japan":


The several Ramen shops operating at Kamikawa town declared by themselves that the palce is the best for Ramen in Japan, mainly for specific reasons of clean & clear waters from Daisetsu mountain ranges.  In addition, there is another famous Ramen, "Asashikawa Ramen" available at Asahikawa, just the neighbour city, therefore,  the rich culture of Ramen has been developed locally.


3-5  Other Famous Local Foods at Kamikawa town:


The following local foods are popular at Kamikawa town such as:


- "Sable-brand' Shortbread 

- "Yomogi" (Mugwort) Rice Dumplings

- Rainbow Tout's in "Kanroni-Seasoning" style (Sweet-Soy Sauce Seasoning)



Kamikawa town is relatively small, compared to other well-known places in Hokkaido,  but there are a plenty of great-scenic sites such as Daisetsu National Park, which consists of Mountain Ranges and Sounkyo Onsen.  There are also positive promotion by local people and parties to represent Kamikawa town by local famous foods.  The most importantly, Kamikawa town still has a lot of natural resources existing within the town regardless of seasons.  Each season has a great nature's beauty.


It is guaranteed that you can enjoy your holidays at Kamikawa town and surroudning areas incluidng Daisetsu Highland areas.



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