The "Hidden-Beauty" Small Towns / Villages in Japan - Hama-Tonbetsu Town / Hokkaido

December 6, 2015

There is another small town in the northen part of Hokkaido, just in about 92km away from Wakkanai city located in the most-north part of Hokkaido.  The name of the small town is "Hama-Tonbetsu", as a part of Esahi district in Hokkaido.  The town faces directly with the Sea of Okhotsk and has a broad wet land as well as highland area located in the west and south of the town.  As well, Hama-Tonbetsu town is just surrounded by a plenty of natures.  



1. Basic Infomation on "Hama-Tonbetsu Town" :


- The Total Area:  401.64km2

- The Population: 3,899 persons (as of 2015)

- The Desity of Population:  9.71 persons / km2

- Railway:  NIL 

- Bus:  Soya Bus Network

- Airport:  Wakkanai Domestic Airport.


2. Main Industries:


- Daily Farming

- Fishery 


3. The recommended spots for sightseeing near "Hama-Tonbetsu Town":


3-1  Kamui Cape:


- The Kamui Cape is located inbetween Hama-Tonbetsu town and Esashi town toward Okhotsk Sea.  

- There can be seen a lot of highland's plants and flowers as well as a number of Icebergs floating in the sea in winter season.


3-2  Kutcharo Lake:


- Kutcharo Lake is sized with 13.4km2 in area and 27km in perimeter.  

- There are a large-space wet land and many different types of flowers.

- The lake is also well known as the most-north lake in Japan, where a lot of Cygnus Swans fly from Russia and stay there in cold winter time.

- It is really a beautiful scenic spot in winter season with a collaboration of Cygnus Swans, snow and blue-lake.


3-3  Veneer Natural Flower Garden:


- It is said that there are more than 100 diffferent types of northen & wet-land plants existing in the garden.  Especially in July, wild Iris flowers in the garden can be seen so gorgeously.  

- You could view and listen to a wild bird from May to September every year


3-4  Hama-Tonbetsu Onsen:


- The town has a small facility of Hot-Spring and other reluxation, of which name is "Hama-Tonbetsu Onsen - Wing".

- You can also go for a day-trip and take a short bath for a convenience purpose.


3-5  Usotannai Gold Dust Park:


- The place was used to be popular for gold-dust collection last time.

- At present, the place is to provide visitors with a certain experience in gold-dust collection.

- It is rather entertainmental experience for tourists.



Let's consider to include your visit to "Hama-Tonbetsu town" in your holiday plan, while you have a chance to travel around those nice and beautiful but not-yet-famous small towns / villages in Hokkaido.



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