The "Hidden-Beauty" Small Towns / Villages in Japan - Teshikaga Town / Hokkaido

November 29, 2015

There is a small town, called "Teshikaga Town" located in Kawakami District, Hokkaido, where it is in the eastern side of Hokkaido.  It is a small town, but the speciality is to have 3 famous lakes nearby, which are 1) Akan Lake, 2) Mashu Lake and 3) Kusshiro Lake.  There are also a few nice mountains such as 1) Mashu-Dake (857m), 2) Mokotoyama (1,000m) and Biraozan (554m) surrounding the town.


1. Basic Infomation on Teshikaga Town:


- The Total Area:  774.3km2

- The Population: 7,824 persons (as of 2015)

- The Desity of Population:  10.1 persons / km2

- Railway:  4 JR stations, i.e., Kawayu Onsen, Biruwa, Mashu and Mini-Teshikaga on JR Senmo Main Line

- Bus:  Akan Bus Network

- Airport:  3 Airports, i.e., Kushiro, Nakashibetsu and Memanbetsu Airports. 


2. Main Industries:


- Tourism

- Daily Farming


3. The recommended spots for sightseeing near "Teshikaga Town":


3-1  Ainu (Native Tribal) Traditional Dance:

- Ainu is a native tribal people residing in Hokkaido since acient time, prior to Japanese people from maind land of Japan at the late of Edo Samurai Time.

- It is designated as one of the most important intangible culture treasuries in Japan.


3-2  A Various Experience-Courses, such as Horse-ride, Daily Farming, River Canoe:

- There used to have a skii resort in the town, but it was closed.

- Other than skiing, there are other types of outdoor leisures available in the town.


3-3  Akan Lake:

- Type :  Caldera Lake

- Area Size :  13.3km2

- Ave. Water Depth :  18m

- Transparency :  5m 


3-4  Mashu Lake:

- Type: Caldera Lake

- Area Size :  19Km2

- Ave. Water Depth :  138m (the deepest lake among 3 lakes)

- Transparency :  19m (the 2nd highest lake in transparency in world, just after Baikal Lake in Russia) 


3-5  Kusshiro Lake :

- Type :  Caldera Lake

- Area Size :  79.5km2 (the largest lake among 3 lakes)

- Ave. Water Depth :  28.4m

- Transparency :  6m


3-6  Kawayu Onsen / Manshu Onsen :

- It was named as "Kawayu" from the "Ainu" original language, which is meant for "hot river" in current Japanese language.

- There is actually a hot-spring stream running through the centre of the town.


3-7  The "Diamond-Dust Event at KawayuOnsen :

- There is once-a-year winter event held at kawayu Onsen town in Jan to Feb.

- The event provides tourists with a special opportunity to get them experienced with "snow-dust" in the air by light illumination at night, which shows beautiful scenery presentation.



Let's try to include "Teshikaga Town" and surrounding visiting areas for your holiday plan in Hokkaido in the future.



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