The "Hidden-Beauty" Small Towns / Villages in Japan - Kushiro Shitsugen / Hokkaido

November 22, 2015

Today I would like to introduce one among abundant natural-reserve spots in Hokkaido.  It is "Kushiro Shitsugen", which is meant in English for Kushiro Marshlands.  Kushiro Shitsugen is so broad and dynamic nature's beauty place that can definitely make you so impressed and amazed by the size of its scale.


The initial introduction on Kushiro town is as below.  Kushiro town located in Kushiro District, Hokkaido, Japan.  


1. Basic Infomation:


- The Total Area:  252.66km2

- The Population: 20,183 (as of 2015)

- The Desity of Population:  79.9 persons / km2

- Railway:  Kushiro station, JR Senmo Main Line

- Bus:  Kushiro & Akan Bus Network

- Airport:  Kushiro Domestic Airport


2. Main Industries:


- The centre part of Kushiro town is mainly active in the commercial industry.

- Surburb areas at Kushiro town are operated mainly by agriculature and fishery.


3. The recommended spots in "Kushiro Marshland area":


3-1  Kushiro Marshland is the largest one existing in Japan, with a huge size of area (183km2).


3-2  Since the overall size of the marshland is so large, it is recommended to split into 2 major areas, i.e., 1) Eastern side and 2) Western side.


3-3  There are Hosooka Observatory Deck near JR Kushiro-Shitsugen station, while 2 other observatory decks near JR Toro station.  These were selected as a National Preserved areas.  


3-4  The place is also well-known as an important location for Japanese Cranes flying from Russia to stop over for resting.


3-5  You may also try to make canoeing in the River Kushiro thoughout Kushiro Marshlands. 


3-6  On the other hand, in the easter side, there are 2 Observatory Decks / Centre i.e., 1) Kushiro-city Shitsugen deck and 2) Onnenai Visitor Centre.   You may try to walk along the wooden trails in the marshlands.


If you are a lover for nature's tracking, it is one of the best places in Japan to recommend to you.  Of course, there are a lot of nice places in Hokkaido, however, you should not miss out such a truly great nature's place as Kushiro Marshlands.  



< Panorama View from Kushiro Shitsugen Observatory Deck > 




< Canoeing at Kushiro Shitsugen in Summer > 




< Autumn Season at Kushiro Shitsugen > 




 < Japanese Cranes Dancing at Kushiro Shitsugen in Winter >




< Tracking at Kushiro Shitsugen in Summer >




< JR Kushiro Shitsugen station >




< How to Get Kushiro Shitsugen >





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